That deprives the Federal Service

Recently, the Federal Service, headed by Gennady Onishchenko, Russia banned the import of dairy products from Lithuania and a little earlier - very popular with our Ukrainian lard. I must say, regular manifestations tremulous care about nutrition citizens by agents of the State led to believe that our health and well-being are in good hands. However, fans of fat probably will miss the foods, and in general it begs the question, how we lived before, and whether we eat?

Perhaps the usual Soviet person, and later - the Russian, the food and did not meet current recommendations Rospotrebnadzor, but definitely our traditional dishes and products have always been very tasty, and it is possible - useful.

Let us remember what the food has always been present in our dining or festive table, and what foods stored in the refrigerator.

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1. All the familiar, beloved, and so incomprehensible to foreign visitors - herring "under a fur coat." It includes useful vegetables, fish, but recently it turned out - not very useful mayonnaise. Well, it is hoped that all of these ingredients will be available in stores at least in the near future.

2. Sausage desirably doctoral - where are we without it !? This product is forever occupy a special place in our refrigerators.

3. Salted or marinated mushrooms. Incidentally, I wonder, somehow sale began to appear more and more Chinese mushrooms, and whether with them in order?

4. Celebrities and, incidentally, extremely useful - fat.

5. Where is the fat, there is no less useful sauerkraut.

6. Semolina, occasioned a variety of children's frank torment.

7. Okroshka - a perfect dish for a hot summer, but the kind of floating in kefir or kvass finely chopped products might well raise questions from representatives of the above organizations ...

8. By the way, we also drank kvass is always with great pleasure, but it looks like he finally lost the marketing war to foreign carbonated beverages.

9. The next item is a jelly - fish or meat, it is always necessary for the festive table.

10. Olivier with us, and in the rest of the world, "Russian salad". Not helpful at all unattractive, but how delicious! And satisfying, by the way.

11 Vinaigrette - It used to be that this is an ideal source of vitamins in the winter.

12. The once popular, but now almost forgotten - jelly.

13. Here compote - delicious, natural, helpful. However, the fast pace of life makes us buy ready-made juice in packets.

14. Pancakes, where the same without them! With caviar, jam and other fillings. Pancakes were the most "resistant" and every year gaining popularity due to the celebration of Carnival.



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