As I was liquidators - 3

The beginning and continuation.


2. All designs are gathered at the site.

3. Then manually transferred to the installation site.

4. "Warehouse production»

5. Then, as manually installed and fastened on the foundation.
A little about the contractor. In the first post I wrote about the "3 for 20" and how to Dormash counted situation. Let me remind you, 7 specialists, after a six-hour debate came to the conclusion that the price per square 20 tyrov they build "turnkey" BOX ONLY BUILDING ABOVE EL. 0
That is, networks, foundations and landscaping had to do someone else and for other money.
And in early September, when I lived in bezvylazno Berezniki object is drawn to the three contractors. I call them the cities where they had fallen. Rostov. Pereslavl. Smolensk. Once I found out the terms on which they signed contracts, I had the tetanus. Over 20 per square tyrov they committed;
1. Carry out geological research in their fields.
2. Develop a design and estimate documentation.
3. To build a foundation and build on them at home "turnkey».
4. Get all intra network.
5. Run a landscaping driveways.

6.Moya first reaction - or a complete ignoramus and can not be considered or completed crooks. It turned out both, each in different concentrations. In my hysterical shriek - "Chasing them to dick!" I answered with a question - "Do you know who brought them here?". In my answer - "I do not know and do not want to know! They are all written in the rozhah! Even on the organization of production work can be seen what is the office! His job there! Transport other than cars are below average poshiba which move themselves there! Own production, no! ". I have been informed - Pereslavl ministries started Yakovlev, a person who is often flashed in the second post, Rostov - led State Duma deputy (surname forgotten) is close to the government commission. As we got to Smolensk remained a mystery. Well, then, you tell me the guys are really strange but let's see - maybe something they succeed. And our time is running out. In short - for these special control!
By the way, the cost of contracts with these contractors was about 220 Lyamov. With every! In the yard in September 2007.

7. protégé Yakovleva lists his virtues designs.

8. And the curtain of the building of the Vologda quarter (December 2007) We were granted our old friend. In the bottom of photo greeting the cars, in the middle of the house is almost ready, at the top - a helicopter which flies high guest

9. And here is our dear Yury Petrovich! But who is this shkafobodobny man in dark glasses, we have not learned.

10. And Huber joined them, accompanied by the director of the plant Dormash, who arrived specially for the occasion, we began to inspect the scene.

11. inspect facilities that have already ended finishing.

12. Examine your house and judging by the facial expressions remain quite stately people committed sacred rite ...

13. Fired debriefing. I must say, by the time it became clear that in 2007, will be put into operation only Vologda home. The rest, not that hopeless, disastrously behind. By the end of 2007, the other "bystrosborschikov" was not ready for any home! Because only the trench networks, landscaping, even more drawings were not.

14. Let's go back a little bit ago. The first major issue. At the end of August, I had to work with the documents of immigrants. Which provided data on existing living conditions that - Name, address, family composition, number of rooms and space footage. The task was - to find an apartment for each resettled on the following criteria - the number of rooms should be the same, even if the footage will be on a few squares more. They were "nepokobelimye" conditions of power. Each subject resettlement we had to design an individual apartment. Why am I? When I calculate the total required area, I thought - or a calculator, or I welled up "on the pavement in skiing booted". Recalculate. I rechecked. Correctly. Now, attention! The total area required for resettlement (71 or 72 families'm sorry I do not remember the exact numbers) of housing was slightly less than 5 000 (five thousand) square meters. But it was decided to build 50,000 (fifty thousand) square. m. !!!

15. The first idea - the true extent of collapse hide from us not to sow panic and not to arouse the population. Therefore, under the guise of erecting a reserve fund.
What is the idea proved to be correct. The true picture of the failures, their dynamics and the location did not know. They do not know now. I'm not a professional miner can not comment on the situation, but in confidential conversations knowledgeable, experienced people (at the time) spoke - instrumental methods of control - "nothing." The number and location of trunk flooded unknown. The dynamics of the dissolution of rocks known. Place of occurrence of failures and their scale indeterminable. "New" Berezniki failure. year 2013. Photography steal.

16. Returning to the figures. I still wonder who and on what grounds defined number 50 instead of 5? Wrong even in times. On order!

17. And now I'm going to surprise you comrades. From a formal point of view and from a legal, all the houses are built correctly. Ie without breaking existing rules and regulations! All materials used were presented all the required documents! All the possible certificates and passports. Do not fake! We checked. All executive documentation checked the local department of architecture and urban planning to the point! Even spelling right! In this situation, nor am I as a customer, or they are attracted by the controlling (not supervisory) body can not do anything.

18. Twice a week, we will jointly control the quality of work. Issue instructions. But! According to the materials used claims but did not produce the mat. The projects are coordinated and approved certificates and passports in stock! Walk fellow reviewers! Representatives of the city department of architecture and urban planning once again inspect.

19. There is one more item. According to the current (at the time, and now probably) legislation, fabricated, housing two floors does not fall under the supervision of GASN (State Architectural Construction Supervision). As a consequence, even if the budget financing, project documentation did not pass the examination and consistent somewhere on the sidelines of power. Not exactly the customer! Much higher! When commissioning the supervised structures, or Rostekhnadzor GASN demand, among others, to enter into Rospotrebnadzor (old sanepidemstantsii or sanepidnadzora) of certain parameters. Without these facilities are not entered into operation. Before that, I was not engaged in pre-fabricated housing, but from experience, the period of completion, personally went to the local Rospotrebnadzor a handwritten letter with a request to hold all the necessary measurements and analyzes. The quality of water, light, noise, radon in basements, etc. specialists understand. He received a polite reply - houses of this type of control of the Rospotrebnadzor not be. Read the rules of the scholar! Surprised. I phoned. Consult. Definitely not to be. And now attention! At the next meeting, in the presence of the first and second persons of the city voiced this situation. ATAS guys! The analyzes do not take! Parried - right nepodnadzorny!
Together, managed to persuade the local authorities to oblige - Rospotrebnadzor even take water samples. The next Commission.

20. And finally the water ambush! Water main, more than a kilometer long. It was designed to supply more than 1,000 apartments! Completed construction and filled with water in November! Specialists know that water pipes should be "refreshed", then the amount of rust and sediment in it slightly and it is not "sour." And then, the water was more than a month in the pipe. When in mid-December, the first time opened the taps ....! From the crane did not start well flowed squeezed some substance in which the water was no more than 50%! If at the same time in 1000 apartments open all faucets and let the water naprohod toilets, day 3, 4, came to normal water. And here ... in the Vologda quarter of 100 apartments, the rest are not even water pipes are laid. Before settling opened all the taps. Universes residents asked not to close the taps around the clock. Sinks and toilets immediately bought a brick color and texture. For this reason, it organized a free supply of bottled drinking water for a month, until the water became transparent to light and samples were collected. Then again. After that was organized by the accidental release of the hydrants on the surface, due to which there was an ice field measuring about 50 by 50 meters in color and is shaped like a huge pile of feces missed first trimester. Only on the third time analyzes confirmed - water complies.

21. So, realizing that history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood, I will express assumption. If during construction, regulatory authorities, from seeing what they build houses, (and they are not only seen but also touched his hands and noses sniffing !!!) would have given the order to make measurements of the same content of formaldehyde and other "sulfadimizinov" rather than applies to all "purely formal", it can be managed to avoid what happened. And further. I do not wonder you torment images and high-ranking officials of the commissioners. They have seen it all! And timid voices heard at the meetings of the brave designs of houses! Reactions of zero! Only the "look through narrowed eyes." Today, some bureaucrats Perm, speaking about the problem Usolye all knocked to the contractor. Hey, you clowns! The address you tell who to contact? Although much for you? Guts! You blame everything on the performers. Today, reading the reports on regular visits by Ministers to another failure, experiencing nightmarish deja vu. The same expression on the faces of self-worth, the same slogans and promises.

22. Well, Yuri Petrovich received Vologda souvenir ...

23. flew to the blue and white helicopter.

24. And then came the great day. Brought resettled. The administration has allocated transport and where the movers. In parallel, work on the casing end of the porch of the building. With the move in a hurry because they were afraid of further failures.

25. According to the old custom. What post on Yap without kote?

26. At the housewarming arrived Huber.

27. Mysteriously pause in microphones ...

28. bestow gifts settlers.

29. One of the displaced families ...

30. "Away" in which Huber proposed a toast to the successful completion of the construction and wished health newcomers ...

31. Drank.

32. Then, a couple of tens of minutes talking to the press - departed. Incidentally, after the relocation of all residents, in the Vologda quarter remained free 30 apartments. Meanwhile, construction of other blocks and build a high-rise building going on which would be placed with a margin of all immigrants.

33. Master Kote in shock - "Damn! Huber was a housewarming !!! »

34. Today, the area looks like. Image steal.

35. Summing up the results. Actually questions.

1. Does the current power, desire, ability and resources to enable it to monitor the development of man-made disasters and make the right decisions?

2. Who and based on what considerations decided to build 50,000 square meters. m. of housing if the need was less than 5000? With regard to these events. And how many of these decisions are made throughout our mother Russian?

3. Who brought the legislation in the field of construction to such a state?
In that residential buildings constructed for the sovereign's expense, even low-rise, even in emergency mode, withdrawn from under state supervision?
When building codes (Building Regulations), thank God until everything began to wear "recommendatory»? !!!
By the way supervisors ruthlessly cut. And not only in the field of construction.

4. guys in the higher echelons of power professionals left their profile? Or is it all one "effective management of financial flows management" ?!

That's all. Kick. Photography steal.



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