How to enjoy a cognac?

Nowhere in the world is not cognac lemon snack, such an absurd tradition exists only in Russia. Recently, my attitude changed brandy. I decided to share certain rules, so that you too cmogli feel the aroma and taste of the drink. Do not get the effect of intoxication, and enjoy the very process of drinking cognac.

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2. It will help me in this issue the owner of the brand Pierre Ferrand, Gabriel Alexander, whom I met in the heart of the so-called "golden triangle" Grande Champagne. "Golden Triangle" French call Anzhak small town in which the rays of the sun caressing maturing beautiful varietal grapes. This famous place is home to the best brandies of France.

3. Luxury vineyards with roses, and the head office of Pierre Ferrand located in a beautiful old mansion Château de Bonbonnet at Ars XVIII century, just 10 kilometers from the legendary city of Cognac.

4. There are very rare cognac with a long exposure. Neither of which mass production and speech can not go, all Pierre Ferrand cognac brand - a product listed in strictly limited quantities for true gourmets.


6. Faithful dog guards the vineyard! Today, the vineyards of the variety grown mainly Ugni Blanc, featuring special freshness and acid, as well as some Colombard, which provides tions the wine and fruit flavor

7. So - how to drink cognac? The first show "how not to drink" -) In spite of the Russian tradition to pour a half-liter of vodka in small glasses of brandy, I think everyone is quite obvious that such a method - is incorrect.

8. Before the use of brandy must first be imbued with respect for the drink itself. Your clothes and the environment must be appropriate. The French believe that the disrespectful use of brandy in his home clothes, or in the kitchen, so you never appreciate the true taste of this noble drink! Can you imagine?

9. Few people know that the shape of a glass affects the aroma and taste of the cognac. At home tulip glass of cognac prefer traditional spherical glass of cognac. Thanks tyulpanovidnomu glass (pictured) multifaceted aromas of cognac accumulate at the top of the glass.

10. Next, pour 30-40 ml of the drink into a glass and touching the outer wall of his. So determine the quality of cognac. If on the other hand you a glass of fingerprints, which means that now you taste really high-quality drink. Brandy usually drunk neat after a feast. Typically, before Serving coffee or tea. You can not feel the taste and bouquet of brandy, if you drink it while eating!

11. Some judges glass slowly rotates around its own axis. At the same time on the walls of the glass appear following beverages (referred to as "legs"), these traces need to pay special attention. If the "legs" are seen within 5 seconds, that means that before you brandy delayed 5-8 years if 15 seconds - about 20 years beverage

12. The fragrance is about 75% of what we are trying to taste. Simply put, the more fragrant brandy, the better it is to vkus.Suschestvuet three "waves" smells of brandy. The first wave can be felt at a distance of about 5 cm from the edges of the glass, and is dominated by light vanilla tones. The second wave of smell begins directly at the edges, felt fruit and floral aromas. The high quality drinks you will feel the aroma of lime, violet, pink or apricot. In the third wave includes the smells of exposure, it is difficult pitch, they are somewhat similar to the smell of port.

13. Cognac matured in barrels for about 4 to 100 years. During the years of the playful young wine, he turned into a drink with a complex character, its history and maturity of the senses. During maturation of brandy aromatic elements are created and released by interacting with each other and with the surrounding wood of oak. These flavors over the years become more concentrated and noble cognac remain in solution as long as they are not in contact with air. Once you have poured the brandy, let it "breathe" for a minute, to its aroma and taste fully manifested.

14. Cognac to drink in small sips. This should feel good effect "peacock's tail" - the drink is distributed in the mouth, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. You can still warm glass of brandy in his hand. The temperature must be above the cognac room, that's when you will experience the true taste and aroma. This cognac is in any case not like the cold, so keep it standing somewhere in the "warm" place, such as in a bar, or a cabinet

15. In no event should not be a snack cognac lemon! Nowhere in the world do not snack cognac lemon. The fact is that a strong, sharp taste of citrus completely kills the subtle brandy flavor drowns out the taste, aftertaste ... In general, everything for which drink cognac, sacrificed dubious pleasure to eat a slice of lemon. This "barbaric", according to the majority of Europeans, the method of use of brandy so still and called: «a la Nicholas». This tradition was introduced by Tsar Nicholas II. Only vodka or tequila is usually jammed a lemon as he perebyvali fusel odor of alcohol and taste, which is in these alcoholic beverages.

16. The storage Pierre Ferrand Cognac cat discovered the color of bochek-) But most spiders live there because They eat worms, encroaching on wood barrels!

17. Manor Pierre Ferrand I set a personal record, cognac tasting in 1840!

18. This bottle 173 years!

19. Pierre Ferrand is the holder of many international awards

20. In the evening, the estate looks romantic!

21. I hope that now you'll get the real pleasure of cognac! The main thing is to do everything according to the rules!

All with Friday !!!



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