I decided to share the treasure. Found home.

Treasure found yesterday, is lying right next to me, and I did not even know of its existence.
Will be 35 photos + text

2Vot here he was found yesterday. Photograph could not, the camera was not at hand, today handy phone, and yet found a free hour, photographed.

3 The first thing I pulled out were here these boots. Thanks to them and my leg, successfully trapped in these boots, I went in search of the treasure !!! By the way, ordinary boots, size 42, but the old, they do not take, not old age is not damp, nothing. Are they there for almost 3 years, we were thrown back as soon as no one was wearing them.

4 My next discovery was the radio. Do not expect to be honest find them there (like everything else), top left does not work, but the right and bottom quite a run (only insert the batteries in them, and went) Sounds True, so-so, and the station has changed from my youth .

5 Then lay out each separately, but only the front view, for taking pictures on each side, it was just laziness.

6 "Non-working 'radio antenna is broken, and the inside is missing some parts, it can be done, but not much hunt.

7-I apologize for the quality of the photos and the time hands are shaking and I can not do anything ...

8 Once the radio was found that package, heavy, big. Then I thought that I had found something valuable, and I'm not mistaken ...

9 It turned out sparklers for adults, on the other electrode vesh ... very useful for me, because in the garden often have to cook (if not deteriorated, as yet not tested).

10 They are actually still quite long

11 Not to mention their numbers, I think one day they will last me another precisely.

12 Next, I found a very interesting thing for me, I think it's still a Soviet charger, but not sure. The socket is not stuck because scary. People in the know, tell me please!

13 A little tool that will go to the entire garden. It should be noted that the chain of keys and almost no rust, but lay there for more than 5 years, that's for sure.

14 Next was found the bag on the mat I did not fully will open and show you a small part of it lies (many scattered and carpet do not want to spoil)

15 There was a lot of stuff, lubricant for ski ... different powders ...

16 But all the spread here, I'm too lazy.

17 Almost all of it was completely filled with the developer.

18 Then was the stabilizer, which I so afraid to be connected to the same outlet and in the future to a computer. And his face is ...

19 Boxes, I dig their laziness, basically there wires, diodes, nuts and others. Electronics, there is still the old faucets and hoses. Pull out and take a picture all too lazy. Just yesterday, I put them in a corner. Their total number of 3 pieces to the top of the downtrodden sundries.

More than 20 small boxes, is already collected my Dad, and there is an aria, and songs from his brother, and metallic (and where he got it while ????), and other groups unknown to me.

21 This box is not out of the rack with the banks, and so close was just too never looked at her, and so decided to take a picture, too.

22 In a small shoe box was found that, syringes and needles was much more, but as I said before, too lazy to get out of the box.

23 For those who did not explain, and who have not seen. Tablets here have long gone, merged into the toilet that no one would have been able to drink (I honestly do not remember when and who dragged her back home, but I myself threw the tablets down the toilet).

24 Next is my pride, and the things that I love most (of this collection).



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