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Specific knowledge in radio, I do not have but a few times a soldering iron in his hand held. I hope that my report will be useful. There will

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So, we have a quiet PC with a noisy power supply. Grease cooler does not work, because all the noise from the passing air. Conclusion - the need to reduce the flow rate by reducing the speed of cooler

Take NO-NAME power supply and unscrew 4 screws from the top:

Here it is - the noise source

To start the power supply we do not need to connect it to the motherboard. This requires only one to adapt: ​​

Well, the main character - a soldering iron

The method of selection find the right resistor. Unfortunately, in denominations of Soviet times I was not strong, on this, I will be grateful if anyone decipher.
Resistance to solder consistently cooler. I decided to open the negative lead.

Output has been decided on the rear wall. To do this, you need to ream the hole

No sooner said than done!

Inside view:

Thus the speed (and noise) cooler has been reduced to two times.

 - The zero momentum abated not work
 - At minimum speed bp blows cold air (ie, such cooling is sufficient)
 - Adjustment of outputting it makes no sense, since it is needed for a single configuration.

I have everything, thank you for your attention. Please do not criticize)))




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