How much home? Louis Vuitton

"Many of the public confuse Homeland and Your Excellency».
Network blow reports standing on the Red Square trunk LV. I honestly was initially somehow anyway, and did not believe in the reality of the situation finally.
The first mention in the film I saw at the FB colleagues Stenyakinoy girlfriend Catherine. And I thought about a simple question & quot; What the hell is going on ???? & quot;
The extent of my own adequacy start to fall sharply from the meaningful. It is logical because, if the authors share their aim is to collect charity money from the admission ticket, and then somewhere to the right, it's good. And it is clear that a high degree of popularity of the trunk must be positioned in the center of Moscow, but this may not be the only Red Square - next to a Theater Square, Marsh, Pushkinskaya, Manezhnaya at the end of it all. Why Red - in my head I do not fit.


Even if the purely rational thinking - how many people come in all that time on a trip to the chest and pay passage. 100000-500000 maximum! And this is the whole scandal case. The amount of admission - 200r. On the basis of this profit will be - from twenty to one hundred million rubles !!! Just and reputational damage to the country's main square, which was sold - will be in the millions of dollars.
And why LV by the way? Let's put HERMES - expensive brand and a ticket can be 500r.
Note the Americans do not repaint the fire in the hands of the Statue of Liberty in the McDonald's horn. Because it is the Statue of Liberty, freedom can not be sold.
And we are well rednecks chtoli?
So why on Red Square, there is? Why until now there was no similar precedent - because no one knew what it portends. And now we try ... what? and personal - in a simple srach tweeter on the topic, or all pretend that nothing happened. Only the deputy of the State Duma Sidyakin written request to the FAS also probably asking a simple question, "what the fuck?»

And what was going to happen? Yes, two thousand were to come and take away the damn trunk and bury the pieces in the nearest trashcan.
Until now, all concerts, events and exhibitions that were on the Red - they "worked" with the domestic brands - Sochi 2014, Russia Day, events, etc. HLS.
I personally do not believe that the LV should be put in place in the center of the country. I'm much more accustomed to this pattern:

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By the way and Putin will speak to the people for the New Year? Against the background of the Spassky and LV ??
Something tells me that we should go and just take apart the chest) On another, I do not think I ever will. I do not want tomorrow to the Kremlin tower was repainted in advertising Stardogs sausages.

PS I do not consider myself a member of the opposition, I respect Mr Putin and his policies, I am sure that the whole Kremlin acts right, and I consider myself a patriot. But it does not relieve me from having to tell the truth and do what I consider necessary.

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