"What is this other animal that has all these features?"

The human species is the result of copulation boar and female chimpanzees, this assumption has recently put forward one of the leading geneticists of our time.
The sensational statement was made by Eugene McCarthy of the University of Georgia, who is also one of the world's leading researchers in the field of hybridization of animals.

He points out that while people have a lot in common with chimpanzees, the human genotype has many features not found in other primates. Dr. McCarthy said that these characteristics are likely the result of interbreeding, which occurred at the dawn of time. Moreover, he says, there is one animal that has all the features that distinguish humans from our primate cousins.

"What is this other animal that has all these features?" - He asked rhetorically. "Normal pig" - he says to himself.

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Dr. McCarthy develops its astonishing hypothesis in an article published on the website, which he oversees. Geneticist at pains to emphasize that this is just a hypothesis, but it is strong evidence to support it.

Scientists now believe that chimpanzees - the next evolutionary relatives of the person alive. This theory strongly supported by genetic evidence. However, as pointed out by Dr. McCarthy, despite these genetic similarities, there are quite a large number of different anatomical characteristics that distinguish the two species. These distinctive characteristics, including bare skin, a thick layer of subcutaneous fat, bright eyes, protruding noses and heavy lashes, are the hallmarks of a pig.

There are also a number of less obvious but no less mysterious similarities between humans and pigs in the structure of the skin and organs.

In fact, pig skin and heart valves can be used in medicine because of their similarity and compatibility with the human body. Dr. McCarthy says that a person can be the result of successive "backcross" several generations of chimpanzees, because man is more like a chimpanzee, but not pigs.

It also helps to explain the problem of infertility in hybrids. Dr. McCarthy indicates that the belief that all hybrids are sterile, in fact false, and in many cases hybrid animals are able to reproduce with the same type as the one of their parents. After several generations of hybrid strains could be enough to get stronger, to representatives of the new species could start to breed with each other, said McCarthy.

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