Pictures can restore faith in humanity (17 photos)

A group of 200 elderly Japanese (all sixty) offered to assist in the liquidation of the accident at Fukushima. They declared their readiness to take on the most dangerous part of the work to prevent young people from radiation contamination

And this young Norwegians - brave rescuers dumped in the ocean lamb

Ads in the bookstore:

"During business hours, any book on the external counter can be bought for 50 cents, or 5 pieces for $ 2. When the shop is closed, the book is still possible to take and pay for them later. At any time: If you do not have money, but you need a book or you just want to check out - take it, do not hesitate. Accepted donations ยป

Seventeen American Megan Vogel lost the race for 3200 meters, a shoulder vybivsheysya of rival forces. The remaining 30 meters before the finish Megan literally dragged her to himself, and before the feature has pushed forward.

This ad is at the entrance to the restaurant network Subway:


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