Do not skimp on gasoline (3 photos)

This post is once again proves that it is not necessary to save on gasoline for their cars,
since then engine repair will cost you much more than your savings.
Further text author.

The machine I is not new, but not rusty trough. This has never happened!
And the food, I somehow the south of Ukraine. Lights are low fuel level. Began to look for refueling.
Among all the gas stations with the price of the 95th about 11, 45 UAH (or 1, $ 42, or 46 Russian rubles) per liter, I found 10, 90 UAH.
Price less suspicious.
Well, most of what I had hoped at this price that they gave me 95 instead of 92. Well flooded and refueled.
As a result, having driven 50 kilometers after refueling, I began to go deaf!
Car will not start and pi * dec!
Began to look for the cause and found - the fuel filter is clogged. Well, I think there is. Cleared as he could.
Raised and went to the nearest town. There's bought three more fuel filter is clogged and immediately changed,
and he threw (knowingly threw. he was even blacker than this)
Drove on. 40-50 kilometers glohnu again. I climb under the hood, and then guess what !?
clogged Changed. He took off and blew part of the fuel hose. Sand poured out of him.
Drove on and after 70 km stalled. The same story, only this filter clogging I saved.
At the last filter, I still got home. Now you have to give the car to the service of cleaning the fuel tank.
But actually the filter and its contents, which had accumulated in it for 50 kilometers away:


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