In Flight 2

The first part here

We continue to watch pictures from the life of truckers. It will be 50 or 51 as a photo finish will tell.

Let's start with the repair station

The cab Mitsubishi Fuso

But so spend their leisure time drove

Another colleague

Strive to change dviglo

TC actually

Again I

Two hearts iron horse

Well, move on to more pleasant to contemplate

Nature surrounds us while traveling mesmerizing

Summer heat

Muddy swamp

It seems a rain begins


In my opinion this is the lotus Kuznetsova

Oil terminal in Skovorodino


It is during the flood

The water off the road

High Water

More water

A little more water

And some aspen over the river

Water leaves

Blurred road




Again clouds

Neighborhoods Skovorodino


Quarry was used to build federalki

This I saw in the depths of the quarry

There are negative aspects

But back to the positive

Startled ducks


Well, that winter

Trees are the humidity

Fotkal Zeya


For me it is now starting the most beautiful pictures


The shore of the river Zeya

More Zeya

Stepped on frost

A large humidity because hydropower plants near the river does not freeze, and a few kilometers downstream

Before the New Year December 30, 2013

With the come. I have everything, you can admire aloud.



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