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Although I am permanently in the Crimea, but the smoke and soot from buses, burning is now on the Maidan, and daily "funny pictures" appearing in LJ on this subject, I did not see the news that threatens my native Crimea a disaster!

5 photos + video.

2. It is difficult to say whether it is a coincidence or what is happening on the Maidan is a kind of distraction in order to divert our attention away from you what is happening in the Crimea, but the fact remains. When Ukrainians crowd stormed the presidential administration, the president was on the Ukrainian-Chinese business forum in Beijing. A jewel of this kind of event and its main feature was the memorandum on the construction of deepwater mega-port in Crimea signed by Ukrainian company "Kievgidroinvest" and Chinese company BICIM.

3. On the one hand it may seem that there is nothing to worry as much to shout about the disaster, but if you delve into the details of this transaction, it is clear that Yanukovych signed the death penalty throughout the resort western Crimea.

Ukrainian authorities refused to comment on the project, however, "sand oligarch" and concurrently CEO "Kievgidroinvesta" Alex Mazyuk shared some coca information from the awareness that is scary.

4. Not far from the spa resort of Saki Chinese investors gathered to dig a giant port. The waters to a depth of 25 meters will be dug directly on the land, separating away in the Crimean steppe. Artificial Harbor is designed to accommodate ocean-going vessels with a maximum draft. In addition, for the passage of vehicles is necessary to build sea channel length of 9 km.

5. On the bank will be a chain of freight terminals and the main object - the granary 20 million. Tons. Work will begin this year. The first stage of the project, worth $ 3 billion. Expect to complete in 4-5 years.

According to the official version, the port will focus not only on grain - supposedly go through port plant products for the production of machinery and equipment. But these plants do not have, and they are unlikely to appear. But Celestial will export wheat and corn for their needs, making the Crimea and southern regions of Ukraine in its resource base. More precisely, in its own food colony.

 - The port is built for the export of grain from the Crimea, where the Chinese promised a long-term lease of about 160 thousand. Hectares of land for the production of wheat and corn - emphasizes the famous Crimean political scientist Sergey Kiselev. "Tenants" has already announced that this area is planned to collect 8 million. Tons.

6. In fact, in the most favorable years throughout Crimea we collected just over 2 million. tons. New crops will be possible not only because the Chinese have promised to use drip irrigation. First of all, they will be incorporated into the soil monstrous doses of mineral fertilizers, as do all the leased lands. Ultimately, this will lead to the complete exhaustion of the soil, changing the chemistry of the environment, pollution of groundwater, etc. Colonial grain port is almost kill all our resorts ...

 - For comparison - in the former Soviet naval base "Donuzlav" channel dug a 12-meter depth. He was constantly cleaned from the sand that "pulled" out of the sea, and there are millions of tons of accumulated. The channel depth of 25 meters are guaranteed to prolong the sand from all over the west coast. First of all, suffer famous Yevpatoria, on the golden beaches which remain a memory, - said the deputy director of the branch of the CIS Institute Oleg Rodivilov.

7. More recently, the authorities publicly announced the intention to establish between the Sakas and Yevpatoria "Ukrainian Antalya." (Oh, and I have personally seen some sketches and hear beautiful tales about the fact that close to Yevpatoriya going to build a second Las Vegas).

"I think that this idea can be crossed - says the current situation O.Rodivilov. - I'm not talking about the air - when handling 140 million tons of cargo, even if on each container will fall by speck, imagine what will happen with the atmosphere ?! In addition, the planned construction of several new railway lines - from Simferopol to Sak and Junko cars go steady stream ».

Sharply against the construction of a large Chinese port and granaries were Crimean environmental scientists. Any dredging inevitably lead to the erosion and eventual disappearance of the sandy beaches of the Gulf Kalamitsky and all of Western Crimea. Local coast is already dying because of the extraction of sand on the lake Donuzlav.

With open letter to the prime minister of Crimea Anatoly Mogilev made by the head of the Association "Ecology and Peace" Victor Tarasenko professor and some of his colleagues.

"No investor or developer of the project do not have the experience of the construction of major port facilities. The absence of such experience shows site selection for the construction of a unique in its scale port complex ", - the statement says.
Fears of ecologists indirectly confirmed the prime minister Mogilev. "The company, which are negotiating the construction of a deepwater port, is currently busy building a canal parallel to the Panama" - he said at the December meeting of the Council of Ministers of autonomy.

Investor construction of the canal between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean - Chinese telecommunications tycoon Wang Jing. Experience in the construction of port facilities, Mr. Jing really does not matter. And "the Panama Canal 2" will pass through the unique Lake Nicaragua - and the global environmental community is convinced of the rapid demise of the largest freshwater reservoir in Latin America.

But that's not all!

Together with plans to build deep-water harbor in the Chinese district of Saki give Cane bay and fishing port of Sevastopol. In an interview with the agency "New Region" analyst Andrei Nikiforov trying to understand the true reasons of the Chinese side on this earth:

 - To hold on the flow of goods in the Crimean port of China, it is necessary not only to make the transcontinental sea route, but also to push through the "eye of the needle" Bosporus and the Dardanelles, and then, making a circle, drop off to Europe. Therefore, the organization of such a powerful terminal station would be reasonable in the Mediterranean. In addition, the agreement has other motives which do not necessarily coincide with the declared goals. Projects of this scale are not only economic in nature ».

In exchange for food China National Corporation for Overseas Cooperation promises to restore the system of artificial drainage on arable land. These fields will formally state property, but will be used for growing corn and wheat for the needs of the Chinese people.

Crimean Deputy Prime assures Temirgaliev - they say, "the Chinese partners have agreed with our two basic conditions - the land owned by the government of Ukraine and local workforce." Crimeans promise of new jobs. But who really takes these places? In fact, even at the current minimum levels of agricultural production in rural areas to work today, no one. Tauride growers have the strength to sow wheat fields. And at harvest unloaded at the port of Yalta Turks - with their combines and combine operators.

Having land, the Chinese themselves inhabit it and processed. Rated "state property Ukraine" in any case will not prevent all messengers China make this southern steppe as his second home. And who have the power to send them home?

It sucks up the remainder Tauris is able to give the Chinese people a third of the planned export of grain. The rest will take in three million hectares in Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson and Kirovohrad regions. This is the tenth part of all Ukrainian lands.

Minimum rental period of 50 years. Next to infinity. Thus, the agreement for the first 100 thousand hectares of Dnipropetrovsk signed Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Specifically stated that the concession area will work the Chinese team. The total number of employees of the body is more than 2.5 mln. People, and he formed the People's Liberation Army of China.

It seems the same "special on drip irrigation" gathered to learn Crimea and grain mega-port - just the beginning ... Probably because the Ukrainian authorities refused to comment on the project. In the presidential memorandum on the portal have no information.


PS: I have everything. This fucking T_T



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