How to rest in Feodosia?

In my opinion, the main "trick" of Feodosia - a budget vacation in a beautiful and peaceful place. What are the problems to be solved to rest? They are three:

1. Where to live. 2. Where to eat. 3. What to do.

For example, we do not rely on the off chance and find accommodation in advance via the Internet. There are a number of sites dedicated to vacation in the Crimea in general and in particular Feodosia holidays. The issue of housing may take 3-5 days.

Just do not be guided to the sites of hotels and mini-hotels, as well as intermediaries. See Board of particular declarations: as a rule, prices at private traders much lower and the choice is very large.

However, accommodation in Feodosia, as in any resort town, can be found right at the exit of the station.

On the stalls with food hanging signs "Rent housing." If you wish, you can walk along the streets adjacent to the waterfront, where such signs can be seen in many homes. Near of the station, a little further along the promenade (next to her on the streets), located the house of the old buildings on the following lines stretched a large private sector.

By the way, not necessarily to go directly to the station. The station is located within the city "Aivazovsky". Next to it is a bus, which run from coaches all over the Crimea and beyond. Coming to "Aivazovsky", you immediately find yourself on the street Fedko - the second line, which are more likely to find a shelter. So before you leave we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the map of Feodosiya: it is possible that to get to the desired location is more convenient from the "Aivazovsky".

Interested persons can live in the hotel, but as I said at the beginning - we will focus on budget travel. Prices in the private sector this year 40-100 hryvnia per person per day (1 hryvnia at the beginning of June is 3, 8 rubles.). We shoot a good room with a private entrance and air conditioning for 100 hryvnia per day for two. For the money we got a fridge, TV with fifty channels (local and Russian steam), gas stove and a separate sitting area in the yard. Showers and toilets in the private sector, as a rule, are also located in the courtyard. By the way, we are always open your Feodosia season early - in late May. But this year, caught a local feature - the complete shutdown of the water supply for three days. We get water in 5-liter bottles, issued by the owners, and normally survived the test. Especially because the city water utility shock bothered and gave water for half a day before. Now, our hostess told us you real Feodosia!

The room in the apartment, as a rule, is more expensive than in the private sector. In addition, many private entrepreneurs and provide a place for a car, and take some of the animals. Cheap housing options we came across on the outskirts and in the nearby suburbs of Feodosiya. Choosing a room, be aware and which beach you prefer. Urban beaches begins not far from the station. There are pebble and sand from as recreation "Dynamo". Good sandy beaches are near the station "Aivazovsky". The place is remote from the center and quiet, near a park, where in a variety of black crows nest. Arriving in early June, will catch in full season when the chicks leave the nest grown, and above the park is dramatic croak. Ravens hoarse complaining about life and complain about the younger generation. The second question, "Where to eat" in Feodosia should not even bother. In the city (at least in its portion adjacent to the sea) full of cafes. It is clear that they are mainly concentrated near the center of the city, but to find "edalni place" is not a problem throughout the coastal zone. Prices (especially by Moscow standards) very democratic.

In different places they are different - but a meal for 20-30 hryvnia is not a problem. Of course, much depends on the appetite of tourists ... We normally have lunch together at 30-40 hryvnia, choosing a place without pathos, but with good food (though it seems that bad food is not there). One of the places where it is always full of people and which, importantly, go local - Cafe "Bistro", located a ten minute walk from the station. The range, in addition to the usual first-dishes (by the way, perfectly cooked and fed solid portions), there is a special feature: a variety of delicious pizza and manufactured here. More budget option, very popular among tourists, especially with children - cafe "diet", located on the street Fedko running parallel to the city's main beaches. This arrangement, of course, adds to the popularity of this place, organized completely in the spirit of the classic Soviet canteen. Next door - a bar with excellent Crimean wines.

In general, a wide variety of cafés are concentrated in the area of ​​the house-museum A. Green. From here begins the promenade, divided along the railway line. The part closest to the sea, designed for walking. In parallel, "walking" on the other side of the railway line, there is a continuous series of stalls with souvenirs. There traded barbecue, hot dogs and fish dishes (seaside specificity). And, of course, a chilled wine on tap, from one hundred grams. Wines in Crimea excellent sell them here in a variety of stores, bottles and on tap. Wine trade and markets, but is it worth it if the store can be a little more expensive to buy a guaranteed high quality?

Speaking of markets. They are two in Feodosia Central and Crimea. Central considerably more is, you guessed it, in the city center. Next - a bus, go from urban and suburban buses. Here, a hundred meters, - clothing market (although in these second-hand clothes are very cheap, and interesting finds are possible). Here ATB supermarket with an excellent range of products. Same ATB located and near the Crimean market on the Crimean same street. The prices here are, in my view, is somewhat higher, and the variety of goods is less than the Central. But if you live in the Crimean market, go for groceries at the Central is not much point. Because I want to mention market products such local chips as mussels and Rapana (including pickled) and other seafood marinades; a dried, smoked and salted fish; Great homemade sausage: blood, liver and so on. The official taxi fare this year - 14 hryvnia landing +1 km free, then - 3 hryvnia per kilometer. Price of travel by truck through the city this year - 2, 25 hryvnia, pay the driver at the exit.

Actually, I want to note that the buses and taxis go from Feodosia in virtually all corners of Crimea. Local tour operators offer trips to various historical places of Crimea. The cost of the trip includes round trip tickets and the cost of the object itself. Usually a trip to the same place of the usual regular bus is much cheaper, and you are free to choose where to go and when to go back. At least, we have independently traveled much of the East coast this way - visiting facilities offered by travel agencies. And since we are talking about the budget of the town, when moving from one city to another is not fooled by taxi drivers zazyvaniya. Particularly at railway stations. In Crimea, everywhere can be reached by public transport reliable and much cheaper. Finally a sensitive issue that can not be passed over in silence. The toilets are located on the beaches, markets, along the waterfront, and, of course, you will be able to solve this problem in a cafe. The cost of anywhere from 1 to 2 hryvnia (in the middle, as usual, more expensive). There are toilets at the railway station from the tracks side.

I think this information is useful to you, so that nothing marred the pleasure of long walks through the picturesque streets of this beautiful city. And the question of what to do in Feodosia and its surroundings, deserves a separate article.


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