Boar illegal

Estonian Inspectorate for Environmental Protection pleased the other day in the administrative and legal deadlock. There is a list of their rights the opportunity to bring to justice those that caused the collision of vessels with marine animals.
So recently in the Strait Vyaynameri local pleasure yacht collided with a wild boar. Why was no one on deck at the time of the collision and who is doing what - it's a separate issue. But as a result of the collision boar had sprung a leak and sank. It would seem that the violation - is obvious. Attract, and the end of it. Since respectable Estonian citizens themselves acknowledge, despite the absence of the main evidence of what happened - to lift the body of the victim was not possible. (Although, maybe just let the pig on a skewer - all there for long. Who knows?)
But here's the waylaid the same incident. As listed in the instructions that can be punished for a clash with marine animals (seals, Kitten), and wild boar as such is not in any approximation. Even if you fasten it flippers and mask. In general, it is not clear how he managed to be in such a distance from the shore.
There are, however, the assumption that this is the machinations of Russian special services. But, unfortunately, this version can not be proved by the already mentioned reason - lack of a corpse.
However, going into the sea, should be vigilant. Then there just is not floating.


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