Who wants to live forever

The issue of extending human life will probably always relevant. So usroen people. And gentlemen, physicians, and scientists from neighboring regions and not just science dig this theme better than bucket wheel excavators. And if we connect more and administrative resources? May be able to achieve a more weighty results in a shorter time? Well, that is, issued a decree that can not die in this city, region or country. And you want-not, you wriggle and stay alive. Do you think it absurd? Not at all. Such places in the world have. And not one. However, it is not clear that washes expect violators of the ban, but that's another conversation with other people.
1.K example, there is a town in southern Italy Faltsiano del Massiko (Falciano del Massico). The old cemetery has exhausted its potential. And in anticipation of the construction of the new (the cemetery, it turns out, cost is necessary, and not just take them at the territory), the mayor of the town issued a decree, which stipulates: "Residents are prohibited to go beyond earthly life, to go into the afterlife." So, you live here - be patient. Tired tolerate - Go to a different location.

2.Primerno the same story in the French town Sarpurenks (Sarpourenx). There is generally a drama with elements of horror. The court banned expand the territory of the existing cemetery, on the mayor broke out not only by the decree banning die, but he added to it a lot of punishment for violators. However, how he is going to perform punitive measures is unclear.

3.U northerners in the Norwegian Longiyre (on an island in the Svalbard archipelago) is similar to an administrative act quite understandable biological reasons. It turns out that under the conditions of permafrost perfectly preserved not only the body of the deceased, but also viruses that brought them to the grave. (Well, just so we are familiar in a number of films. And, ahhh. They got out!) So all the sick and the elderly taken to the mainland Norway. A cemetery is not working "to receive" some seventy years.

4.Nu and, of course, could not do this without a list of the rising sun. There is such a small island of Itsukushima. (Near Hiroshima). He is considered sacred, clean place. So sacred and pure, that after the bloody battle that took place in 1555 with him even removed the land on which blood was shed. So it's all very seriously. And to die in this place is strictly prohibited.


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