Here, I carved out a minute in order to share their impressions of the trip to the Crimea. We went with the family car.
It will be 54 pictures and the text of the letters.

So, we have a vehicle - Renault Sandero 2011 onwards
Crew - yours truly as captain, his wife - a co-pilot, son - boatswain rear deck, the daughter - a passenger. The road from the native Obninsk took 22 hours, of which about an hour at customs Nehoteevka protorchali-Goptovka. Destination - Theodosius.

We arrived in heavy rain. However, this does not really care anyway slept the first day of the road. By terrirorii Russian wife went - from Customs and to the place of the car I drove. Tired, of course, great. The city has chosen to walk the next day. Weather still ale.

But the mood has vacation, and it is currently aimed at complete rest :))) Like I was Samson.

Well, time to swim in the sea is still cool - will climb muzeyam. First we got to the museum of antiquities. Guns are not loaded.

In general, the museum was surprisingly good. It was interesting to look at. Here every Old Believers utensils.

But all sorts of statues without it ... very ...

Ancient times the history of the city of Feodosia was not limited and confidently stepped into the twentieth century. Anka-machine-gunner, such and such happens.

And those things stoked craft any bad enemies. For nefig.

It is suitable karamultuk enemy.

Then we have gone to the gallery Aivazovsky, but they were not allowed to take a picture, left an impression for themselves, so in my head. And in the evening we went to ride around the neighborhood. For a start toward Ordzhonikidze. There is a road from Feodosia with a small toy perevalchikom. To practice driving on mountain roads - the most it. One climb sign "Vodiy! Galmier distorting "and descent. Well, kind of there.

At Cape Ordzhonikidze road washed away and we drove away. Partly still it rained, and it seemed that the sky merges with the sea. View from the cape to the side of Koktebel.

We returned to Theodosius and decided to see there the Genoese fortress. It is smaller than in Sudak.

Crimea liked to ride on, and the next day we rushed to the New World. Pass Koktebel Sudak. The mountains. For us, the inhabitants of the plains, the impression was very strong. How nice!

And the mountains ...

And the mountains ...

In short, the terms of some of the mountain. Come on.

Pass Koktebel - Sudak already more complicated, sometimes with serpentine. But the path from Sudak but the New World - thrash and groove! A narrow strip of asphalt in some places without fences. But we arrived. Pyamytnik grandfather Golitsyn about factory of sparkling wines. At the plant itself, we did not go with children and driving there is nothing to do.

Let's go swimming. Bay of the New World is small, sandwiched by mountains on both sides. That's the one.

And on the other. On this mountain trail is Golitsyn. Famous tourist attraction. It is necessary to crawl on hot rocks on the trail and listen to the chatter. Do not go.

A chartered boat with a crew of a captain named Jack, and sailed along the trail.

I must say that Zhenya very well told, it was interesting. For example grotto where Chaliapin sang.

The trail Golitsyn.

Rock Rhino.

Sea !!!

King's Beach. Closed environmentalists avoid full zasiraniya.

Multi-colored bay.

Our happy faces.

Horizon hopelessly swamped!

The most satisfied character.

Enough to roll the boat, very tasty lunch in some coastal institution and went to the Pike. In fact, the aim was a water park. But to drive past the fortress was a sin.

Pike View from the ramparts.

In the water park, we do not fotkalis. Knurled to complete assholes beating. Early June, the people there. On any hill you first. In general, sticking out plenty. Let's go back. In the evening, the mountains are quite different. Again beautiful!

Incidentally, how we placed. We lived in the private sector. We had half a house of two rooms with shower, TV, refrigerator and air conditioning. 10 Dolar per person per day. In the yard - any razvlekuha, here, for example dastrahan - a Tatar sofa.

And here we are with the host fry msyavo underwire. And of course, yes, without this ...

And this at our request, the owners booked us at a friend fishermen Miracle Yudo-fish, Flounder !!! We ate it for two days, and the third from the wreckage cooked soup! Here I write and direct drool drip-drip ...

One day went to Koktebel, the Dolphinarium. This bay Koktebel.

Predstvalenie was just fantastic! I have not yet seen this, who will be there - be sure to go - you will not regret!

Very well chosen music.

Excellent otdressirovany animals. This is a great and hard work.

Here is just a class !!!

Just kind of a fairy tale!

A few days later in a burst of endless boredom we decided to go to the Sea of ​​Azov. This Kamensky. View Arabat Spit.

This view toward Kazantipa. In the Sea of ​​Azov was a storm, big waves and lots of seaweed. But we still got into it. The verdict was disappointing - small, dirty, smelly salted pool.

Izvazyukavshis in the Azov Sea in the algae from head to toe, went to wash in Black. The benefit to him there some thirty kilometers. This beach in the seaside, view toward Feodosia.

Sand, little people.

These are the beauties swim there ... Sorry, not my ...

This again Ordzhonikidze.

This beach has a lot of divers. I was there only with a mask swam. As Cousteau, damn it. These sorts seaweed, fish amazing, underwater cliffs ...
And this is without dolphinarium dolphins.

Catch them to shoot - a complete disaster. They do not say "chiiiiz." Far away, they do not hear anything.

Here's fauna. (No crab is not affected.)

But net for catching bumblebee very useful for catching crab. All crab were examined and released into the sea.

Now a bit of text, so for reference. The entire trip cost for four in the 65 th. This is gasoline, and food and lodging, and fkusnyashki, etc. On penalties spent 0.00. Do not hindered anybody and anywhere. But the "Cossacks" on the roads there, met a poor man at the gas station, which is lit for 300 bucks. Do not get fooled by provocations, read the forums on travel to Ukraine, and all will schyaste. But the main thing - do not break traffic rules !!!

But when something ends. And we also had to go home. For Zaporizhia, on the 235-kilometer road Kharkiv-Simferopol found an excellent cafe with cheap and tasty food. By the way, here is our pepelats.

In the courtyard cafe that's a arёl. This institution is called the "Emerald", delicious and cheap!

That's all. You can kick.



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