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"We can not fight? It is a shame to fall before the shot. To overpower the road to go. To win - to buy a lottery ticket. To make an omelet - have eggs. Especially if you need to prepare for gun oil. ยป

Excellent article indifferent person.
Well, if this material is widely rassharili in Russia.
Well, if he had read those pretty rubbing his hands - our Crimea already!
Most of them - Sofa troops, but it would be nice to those who are now in Russia decides to be or not to be a war, also read these words.
It would be very helpful.
Because the author is surprisingly subtle caught the mood.

On the first anti-war rally in the river, we stood his campaign - all the guys over 50. Pozhivshie enough successful people, all English speaking, with one or even several higher - international group of neo-Bandera. We stood and remembered - anyone what the military. Who among us tanker who motostrelok who gunner. Who what weapons at home. We were taught to be nice in the USSR military affairs, since childhood. And no fear not. I know that my vertikalka against AK does not dance, but every bush in the rear of the occupier can and must shoot the enemy in the back. We are not enemies? I agree. Go back home, face it.
I know what psychosis patriotic crowd. I know that all the military commissariat of nothing says. But when the older guys prick on the wrist In Re and remember their military specialties - it's a symptom.
The author does not lie. All true.
We have changed a lot over the last six months. If someone told me that I'll be so taken hymn that I will be so proud of the courage of his countrymen, I would not believe him. And would not believe in the fact that in March 2014, Germany will defend Ukraine from Russian aggression. And would not believe in the fact that the vast majority of my friends will be ready to defend the country. Casually, just without affectation.

Once in early childhood I looked French film "Le vieux fusil". Heavy military history: in occupied France thick myopic surgeon takes revenge on the SS-sheep, seized his house and had killed his wife. He does not have anything - just hatred of the invaders and the old gun, taken from the mezzanine ...

Many of us in the attic there are old guns.


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