The girl stole all their belongings overwork

A few days ago, unknown robbed one of the cottages, which is located in the Krasnogorsk district and set fire to Porsche and Ferrari for 12 million.
Victim of thieves, vandals became the 29-year-old resident of the Moscow region.
The girl lost her jewelry, money and luxury cars.

The photo housewife car with a friend:

Penetrate into the private cottage in the village of Dmitrov district Krasnogorsky bandits were able through the open window. Without encountering obstacles in its path, the criminals searched the premises and carried valuables.
 - Production of thieves became 1 million rubles, 2 mink coats and jewelry whose value is specified, - commented on the situation in the press service of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Moscow region.
However, quietly leave the scene of the crime thieves do not want to. Pouring combustible mixture stand in the yard cars Porsche Panamera and Ferrari F 430 Spider, the bandits set fire to them.

About the owner of two police cars Not much is known. According to some reports, 29-year-old Ian Grivkovskaya several times was married and settled in Moscow.
On his page on the social networking Grivkovskaya posted a lot of photos in a luxurious setting. Young woman posing on a background of expensive cars, luxurious boudoirs, basking on the decks of boats.
Investigators have not ruled out arson machines could be a kind of revenge girl.


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