The man surrendered to police rusty revolver

A few days ago the 38-year-old unemployed Kamenska Ural surrendered to the police rusty revolver. Transferring weapons guards about, he explained that he had found it when cleaned in a basement storage room of his house. - According to a survey Head of Forensic Center of Research Affairs of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Eugene Bachenin said that this six-Belgian revolver "The British Bulldog" caliber 380, which corresponds to the Russian standard - caliber 9 mm., - Said a spokesman for the Sverdlovsk Research Affairs Valery burning. - It turned out that shoot out of it is not possible due to severe corrosion of the metal. It is interesting that in the drum rusty revolver experts have found a sleeve with a note that it was made at the Moscow droboliteynom munitions plant in the period from 1901 to 1911. It turns out, "Bulldog" more than a hundred years, and it's a real antiques!
The police promised to encourage citizen who gave them weapons.


Author: alexku44




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