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The world can learn endlessly, traveling to different countries, enjoying nature and the sights, learning foreign languages, getting to know the customs of other nations and, of course, tasting dishes of national cuisine. From now on, we have the opportunity to explore the world of tastes, without leaving his apartment: a well-known New Zealand artist Henry Hargreaves (Henry Hargreaves) recently presented a fascinating project. He created the "edible" map of the world, chosen for each country the product with which it is associated. Banana Africa

50 US states from corn

Henry Hargreaves worked on the project together with the New York-based stylist Caitlin Levin (Caitlin Levin). Together, they have created a map that avid travelers will recognize India gathered from spices, "tomato" Italy, "banana" Africa, Australia, shrimp and other countries. Of course, such an atlas, not only pleases the eye, but also the stomach.
Tomato Italy

China noodle

Australia shrimp

Henry Hargreaves says that in his draft attempted to illustrate how food is "migrated" on the planet, gradually becoming part of the culture and national identity of a country. Today we start our day with a cup of coffee and delicious French bun with a slice of cheese, we prepare a Brazilian cocktail "Caipirinha", adding a lime, but otvarivaya noodles, remember that it is the national dish of the Chinese.
France cheese and rolls

Citrus South America

India spice

Authors wonderful project expressed the hope that, just as the food brings people together around the world, their cards will be able to bring together people from different corners of the planet, show common, that have completely different peoples
Biscuit England

Japan Algae

If you examine the "edible" cards, you will notice that each country is laid out from one food product. South America citrus fruit, kiwi fruit from New Zealand, Japan from nori, and 50 US states and all of the different varieties of maize. In short, the study, consider, enjoy!
New Zealand kiwi

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