Before getting angry ... Think ..

She was expecting a big run in aeroportu.Ee flight was delayed, and it will have to wait in the plane for a few hours. She bought a book, a package of cookies, and sat down in a chair to spend time. Next to her was an empty chair where the packet of cookies lay, and the next chair sat a man who was reading zhurnal.Ona took biscuits, the man took too! She is infuriated, but she said nothing and continued to read. And every time she took a cookie, the man continued to take too. She went into a rage, but did not want to raise a stink in a crowded airport.
When there is only one cookie, she thought, "I wonder to see what will make this ignorant?».
As - as if reading her mind, the man took a biscuit, broke it in half and handed it to her without looking up. That was the limit, she got up, gathered his things and left. Later, when she got on the plane, reached into her purse to get his glasses and pulled out a packet of biscuits ... She suddenly remembered that she put her packet of biscuits in her purse. And the man she thought ignorant, shared with her cookies without showing a drop of anger, just out of kindness. She was so ashamed and did not have an opportunity to correct the fault.
Before getting angry ...
Think ...
It may not be right exactly you ...



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