Tasks of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Oleg Kozyrev

At the moment it is already possible to imagine about what tasks within the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Let's try to identify what has become too obvious.

1. Withdrawal of Ukrainian weapons
One of the main objectives of the invasion - capture, seizure of an increasing number of Ukrainian weapons. Initially, hang noodles in style "to Banderovites not got." But it quickly became evident that the task is simple - to go to Russia.

2. Exploration
Parallel small task, but I will mention it too - it's intelligence, trying to find out the status of the Ukrainian armed forces, their capabilities, alignment, etc. Again, this problem seems secondary, and for the reason that the Ukrainian military are well known for the reason that it is rather related activities.

3. The provocation Ukrainian military on casualties "militia┬╗
Putin did not knowingly let slip about the Russian military to be if anything, to hide behind women and children. Please note that Putin gave this point especially at a briefing. All actions of the Russian military unfortunately show that our troops have really made this a serious bid.
It has already been a few times when it is "self-defense" - fully controlled by pro-Russian Crimean criminals, and in some cases, just brought from Russia, our troops are set against the Ukrainian military in the hope that they use weapons.
It is important to understand why the Russian military needs corpses local desirable residents. It is necessary to say - "Kiev also shoot at civilians, he is the same as Yanukovych┬╗.
This is the most dangerous part of the plan, it is still not implemented and should expect new provocations.

4. Creation of the territory of at least the Crimea, and if possible, and East of Ukraine - Transnistria
Another challenge - the creation of unrecognized education in the territory of Eastern Ukraine. The Kremlin hopes that such a territory can be monitored and blackmail her Kiev.

5. Summary of Ukraine's economic collapse
The occupation of half of the country can not but affect the economy of the new Ukraine. The Kremlin hopes that the Ukrainians will crawl on my knees for help. But there is a nuance that the occupation and the Russian economy has a bad effect. Russia itself can not stand.

The purpose of protecting the Russian population in Crimea Kremlin spin doctors do not put. Everyone understands, even in the Kremlin that the greatest danger in the Russian world today comes from Putin and his entourage.
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