Pay It Forward

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I'm sure many of you watched the movie "Pay It Forward» («Pay It Forward»). Although more suitable name "Pay forward." And many of you probably know that there is a whole philosophy (movement) of the same name. The point is simple - you're doing good gratuitously to some person and ask him too to help someone.

About this usually is not accepted to tell - is not accepted "boast" good deeds, deeds ... But these are the stories give us hope that in the world there were such a thing as kindness, unselfishness and love.

Here are some stories from the Internet:
Doren and Heather Keller Vozella tell how witnessed the fire. The next day they called the fire department and learned a new address family victims of the fire, and then sent them some money. The attached letter Doren and Heather wrote that perhaps members of the family might someday "to pay for the next».

Shannon Gallagher: seeing as my mother says her daughter in the store, why not buy her a new coat, she bought a coat this girl.

A girl named Claire tells how one day, while walking in the park with a dog, met a young man. They talked. Claire told about his dream - to work in photography. However, the girl did not have the money for a good camera, and she was going to refuse admission to photography school ... Returning to the car, pulled out a new friend an expensive camera and then gave Claire. Instead, he only took with her the word "pay for the next" and left. "I'll do anything to keep his promise" - says Claire.

Here is the story of a friend of my parents. She doctor. Was once the winter home. It was very cold (about -20). I saw a man lying on the ground without clothing. She came and checked his pulse, called an ambulance. It turned out it was the CEO of a major company. Just attacked him - he lost consciousness, they took everything of value, coat and hat. If this woman passed (as many do, thinking that this is the usual drunken bum is), then the person is likely to die in the cold.

Once it was urgent to deliver a letter to the plane. I walked to the end of the queue for a nice girl and asked. When she agreed, I got the money, but heard in response - "I earn quite well and can do it without any money. But if you are in another time someone asks also deliver a letter and will be unable to pay - do it for free and we will be calculating. "


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