Me or die - mind movies transformirueschie

Anyway, we have something to look at. Movies, TV shows. But one content can kill our brain and completely forgotten how to think of it, and the other, on the contrary, that something will change in thinking, help to develop and achieve goals faster.

Save yourself to look really useful films, promotional.

About achieving goals

1. Peaceful Warrior. 2006
For information on how to achieve the goal no matter what. You will understand how to be in the moment, do not think about the past or the future, to achieve the goal without worrying, stop the thought process, find peace and enjoy the movement to the goal.

2. Men of Honor. 2000
You clearly keep track of that on the way to your goal, there are people who want to pull you back, do not let you achieve it. The film is about the choice - the choice to achieve your goal no matter what.

3. Moneyball. 2011
Me. Or die. The film is about faith in the uniqueness of the people. The fact that anyone can achieve great heights, even if the Company or bolizskie people do not believe in you. On reaching the goal. About teamwork. To learn how to look at the situation from a different angle, a new way to see it.

4. Forrest Gump. 1994
With this film you will understand: there is nothing possible. Looking at the main character, you can learn to achieve any goal, and to know if it's yours, sooner or later it will be yours.

5. My Name Is Khan. 2010
The film is about true love and achievement of objectives. You will learn that even with disabilities can be happy and achieve their goals. That people live in their own little world, condemn all and sundry without any specifics, because they inspired - it is bad, it is bad.

6. The King's Speech. 2010
Even people with acquired during childhood outs can remove them, if there is such a goal. Anyone capable of leadership.

The scale and output "beyond»

1. Interstellar. 2014
Global thinking. It is always necessary to think globally. This film will help you with this. How long have you thought of something great? Many situations and problems from the universal scale will seem insignificant. Watch this film to realize how big the world in which we live.

2. Obsession. 2013
The film is about the fact that if you say you're done, it's bad. What social approval does not mean anything when you want to go beyond all conceivable possibilities.

3. The Truman Show. 1998
The film will show you that the world - is not only the city where you were born, it is something more. With no unachievable goals - you can reach any goal that you want. That life - turn to the same events, if you live in the same city, in his small "box".

4. Exit Through the Gift Shop. 2010
The secret to achieving incredible results is simple: first, the "do". Secondly, "what you like". Amazing story, showing that everything, in fact, simply, and anyone can become a creator and an artist in his beloved business.

The power of thoughts and words
1. Life - instruction manual. 2013
The film raises key questions of life, how to stop standing still and start moving. About how to choose the attitude toward life - the easy, pleasant and positive, that attitude determines everything. How to think positively. You can clearly see and understand how the context of the life forms.

2. Always say "Yes". 2008
How often do you deny yourself something, because life has taught you to say NO to their happiness, their desires? With this film you will learn to look at life in a new way. Using the "Yes" technique, you will be able to do something that had never done, because to have something you never had, you must do something you have never done before.

3. Wild. 2007
You can not run away from problems. It is necessary to think in such a way that the problem was the question. The question has an answer. The problem has a solution. The problem is unsolvable. Through the film, you will be able to understand - do not run away from problems. Because all the questions a person's head, and you need to understand yourself. On the possibilities of that people so often overlook in life.

4. Riddles our Ya 2011
Learn about their ability to find out about yourself and your subconscious opportunities from the point of view of psychology, esoterica. Learn about your possibilities to influence this world and the ability to shape their lives change.

5. The film The Secret (Mystery or The Secret). 2006
Very easy, understandable and enjoyable documentary about the possibilities of our thoughts. To learn how our thoughts shape the world around us. Specific examples and explanation of how to think positively, and that it will give. Best movie to start in the development and formation of positive thinking and understanding of the power of your thoughts.

about the possibilities and the fact that we live in the "now»

1. The Bucket List. 2007
Live need not tomorrow, not next year, but now. What goals should be implemented immediately after their determination. Life is too short to put off your goal for tomorrow. Action is needed now. Tomorrow never comes.

2. Newest Testament. 2015
The great metaphor for our lives. The film is about the opportunity to choose, on the finiteness of life and sense of time. "You think, somewhere in paradise will be there? There is nothing there. Paradise -. It is now "

3. Beautiful green. 1996
The fact that the people themselves came up with the stupid laws of life and painted themselves into a frame. The film is a good and easy, but it reveals a very important and complex subjects.

4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. 2013
Thanks to this film, you will be able to look at life in a new way. How can we learn to live without the Links? Break free from the daily routine and go on a trip, acquiring knowledge and realizing all their dreams. Happy life is worthy of everyone.

5. Terminal. 2004
My home with me. My happiness with me. This film will help you understand that you will be able to create their own happiness anywhere in the world and achieve his goal. Walk the path along with the main hero of the movie, and you'll see, Let grip, remember your goal and be committed to it - these are the criteria by which you can be happier than you are. And you'll see - in any situation there is an exit.

6. Dead Poets Society. 1989
To learn how to get away from the routine and look at the world and life in a new way, from a different angle. Be aware of new ways to see the opportunities to live and enjoy life.

7. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. 2008
The film is about a man for whom a birth time turned back. Through the film you will learn to appreciate what you have. Every day we see in a lifetime opportunity, and only depends on you whether you will miss them, or not. You will understand that in life you can achieve everything, if you have this desire and belief.

About easy and good attitude towards life

1. The Untouchables (1 + 1). 2011
The film is about true friendship. The fact that you can take a man as he is. Adoption itself. On the love of life. Thanks to the film and the main characters you will find that in every situation you can find the pluses. It's nice sometimes to make fun of himself - it weakens the grip of the world and allows you to take itself easier.

2. Good Will Hunting. 1997
On faith in people, faith in yourself and your own success. Everyone has experienced a "history" of life, and whatever it was, you should always go further. Seeing the potential in the people around and in himself. On the true friendship. About trust. On the ability to hear and to listen to people.

3. Pay It Forward. 2000
The film tells about the benefits of good. Harvesting context of failure and dependency relationships of people to each other: you - I, I - you. For information on how to act here and now. You can see the particular model of "creating good" in the world. How to making other people happy, you change the world and becomes happy himself. Save yourself to look really useful movies that promote development.


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