15 inspiring films that are worth seeing the whole family

Family - this is important in everyone's life. Together with loved us doubly enjoyable pastime: playing board games, go on vacation or to watch an interesting movie

. If you do not know, watching a movie to pass the present family night, then here's a selection of exciting films from the Website These filmyotsenyat both children and adults.

Patch Adams Patch Adams

Dr. Adams is different from all of his colleagues. He believes that laughter and love are the best cure for all diseases. In this way, Dr. Adams changes the lives of their patients. Bright and touching film, after watching that become kinder.

The Pursuit of Happyness The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Gardner - a single father, and he is struggling to make a child happy. But unfortunately, fate throws up more and more obstacles. Seller small salary is not enough to pay the bills, so Chris and his son are evicted from the house and they have to wander the streets. A man finds a new job, but here it is not accompanied by financial success. But even these circumstances do not force him to give up, because he needs to adequately raise a son.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Le scaphandre et le papillon

Jean-Dominique Bauby, editor of Elle, at 43, suffered a major stroke, which resulted in all of the man's body was paralyzed except for one eye. Despite this, he was able to communicate with people through his surviving eye. Winking, when a man called the desired letter, he was able to tell not only about what is happening in his soul, and even write a book.

Pay It Forward Pay It Forward

Do you know how to change the world for the better? Boy Trevor knows. He devised a scheme by which the good must be distributed on a global scale. For example, you are helping someone and ask for that person not to thank you and three other people, and they in turn help three more - so good to be spread around the world. But does this circuit works? Trevor decided to check, starting a chain of good.

A Good Year A Good Year

Young and successful manager Max Skinner comes to France to sell the house of his deceased uncle. He hopes to get rid of the estate, but it turns out, except for him there are still people who claim to legal ownership. Meet new people and the incredible events cause the protagonist to understand that there are things more important than money and power.

Amelie Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

Girl Amelie believes that the world is very good and that all our actions have meaning. One day she finds a box and goes in search of its owner. So begins her adventure. This is a movie about magic and how, by participating in the destiny of other people, we do not only brighten their lives, but also their color the new colors.

Life Pi Life of Pi

This is an amazing story about the life of Pi, son of the owner of the zoo. Together with the family boy decided to move to Canada, but halfway to the new home the ship is wrecked. Pi managed to survive, but with him in the boat was even a few animals, including Bengal tigers. Incredibly beautiful film that teaches you how to cope with life's difficulties

Dreamer Dreamer:. Inspired by a True Story

Little girl Cale, whose father has been breeding horses, lives with his parents on the ranch and wants to continue the work of the Pope, when he grows up. Despite the deep affection, in fact, the father and daughter are far from understanding. But everything changes when Cale asks his father to cure his beloved horse. child's love for animals is becoming a big push for the father, and he understands that there is nothing more important than the happiness of his beloved daughter.

Peaceful Warrior Peaceful Warrior

In gymnast Dan Millen has everything you need for a happy life: awards teammates, girls and crazy parties. But one day his life changes: Dan gets into a car accident and gets a lot of wounds and bruises. After leaving the hospital, the guy meets a strange man named Socrates, who opens a new world of human possibilities for him. Now Dan will have to change themselves and begin to live again.

Pollyanna Pollyanna

After his parents died 11-year-old girl Pollyanna forced to move in with my aunt, who is known for its harsh character. From the atmosphere of parental love Pollyanna moved into the world of strict rules and prohibitions. But the girl was not discouraged: Dad taught her funny game - to be able to enjoy life in all circumstances. Good and good movie that wants to revise again and again.

Teacher of School of Life

The school Folbruk a new teacher - Mr. Dee. All crazy about him: and the students and teachers - but Mr. Warner. He fights for the title of 'School teacher of the year ", but with the emergence of the young teacher Dee his chances of winning decrease dramatically. However, Mr. Warner is not ready to give up and declares war on the new teacher. But Mr. Dee is a mystery about which nobody knows and that will change the life of the school.

Cinderella Cinderella

The story of a young girl, Cinderella, whose father, a widower, married the insidious and evil Lady Tremaine and his two daughters. Soon new move relative to the manor and turn Cinderella into a maid. But even after the death of the girl's father did not give up and continued to think about the good. Soon after a chance encounter with a beautiful young man changes her life. Kind and incredibly beautiful fairy tale, after watching that wants to believe the best

Triumph:. The Ron Clark Story The Ron Clark Story

This is a good and instructive story based on real events that will not leave anyone indifferent. Young and energetic teacher Ron Clark moved to New York and gets a job at a school where children from disadvantaged areas. Teachers, parents and even students regard themselves as the dregs of society, but not Ron. He uses all his passion for learning and the latest methods to inspire and ignite the hearts of children.

Whale Rider Whale Rider

The film is due to an ancient Maori legend about the leader of ancient times, which was a huge whale saved from the vengeance of his envious brother. Many centuries later, the leader of the tribe Wangari Coro consider my life complete, since he had no male heirs. But his granddaughter named Pai decided to prove that it is able to become a leader and lead the tribe. To do this, she needed to make the impossible - to master the martial arts, to study spells and ride the giant whale

Little Miss Sunshine Little Miss Sunshine


Little Olive wants to take part in the contest "Little Miss Sunshine." Her family also wants this, but it is too busy. Once they find out that Olive is invited to participate in the competition, the whole family gets together and goes to distant California, to help her win. Surprisingly bright film, full of humor and optimism.

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