38 best modern drama movies

Drama has captured the hearts of millions with its riot of colors and emotions. This genre gives you the feeling that you've not experienced before. Consider yourself a true fan of this trend in cinema? Great! Then specially for you we have prepared a list of best dramatic films.

1. 1+1 (Intouchables 2011)

In the result of a terrible accident, Philippe, a very wealthy and well-known aristocrat, has lost the ability to walk, and is now forever confined to a wheelchair. He decides to hire a helper who would be his backup in not simple cases of a disabled person. His companion becomes just out of jail young man.

2. The Beginning (Inception 2010)

Dom Cobb is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during sleep, when the mind is most vulnerable. Cobb's rare ability has made him a valuable player in a familiar world to the betrayal of industrial espionage, but they turned him into an eternal fugitive, and deprived of everything he ever loved.

3. The Prestige (The Prestige 2006)

Robert and Alfred — magicians-illusionists, who at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries vied with each other in London. Over the years their friendly competition on professional soil grows into a real war. They will do anything to find out each other's secrets of fantastic tricks and disrupt their execution.

4. Mind games (A Beautiful Mind 2001)

From the world popularity up to the sinful depths — all learned on the hard way John Forbes Nash, Jr. Mathematical genius, he early in his career did a Herculean job in the field of game theory, which turned this section of mathematics and almost brought him international fame. However, just at the same time arrogant and enjoying success with women Nash gets a blow of fate, which turns over his own life.

5. Outcast (Cast Away 2000)

Chuck's life Nolan, senior inspector of international offices, "Fedex" painted by the minute. And those precious minutes are sorely lacking neither in personal life nor on the woman... But the merciless fate made Nolan's take another look at his allotted time... the Plane, which travels Chuck, crashes into the ocean.

6. Million dollar baby (Million Dollar Baby, 2004)

Boxing coach Frank Dunn is going through hard times. Due to the complicated relationship with his daughter for a long time did not allow himself to become attached to anyone for fear of re-experience loss. But everything changes when his gym comes Maggie.

7. Obsession (Whiplash 2013)

Andrew dreams of becoming a great. The young man notices a real genius, conductor of the country's best orchestra. Andrew's passion to achieve perfection soon spirals into obsession, as his ruthless teacher continues to push him farther and farther — beyond human capabilities. Who will emerge victorious from this battle?

8. The Choristers (Les Choristes 2004)

France, 1949. Desperate to find a job, music teacher Clement Mathieu gets in boarding school for troubled Teens. There he sees how cruel to the "educational measures" uses the rector of this institution rush. The more boys making fun of rush, the more aggressive they become.

9. The Pianist (The Pianist 2002)

The film's protagonist — Vladek — engaged in the art as long as the territory of Poland occupied by the Nazis. Life is changing all the Jews: they are placed in the Warsaw ghetto, forbidden to work, humiliated, forced to wear distinctive armbands, and some time later sent to a concentration camp.

10. But inside I'm dancing (Inside I'm Dancing 2004)

Michael ' 24, and almost all of his life he spent in the home for the disabled, which came with cerebral palsy. He meets with a new patient clinic — Rory O'shea, who was confined to a wheelchair muscular atrophy. Like Michael, he is almost unable to move, but that does not stop Rory differently enjoy life. His courage and indifference to the blows of fate become a good example for Michael.

11. Catch me if you can (Catch Me If You Can 2002)

Frank Abagnale has worked as a doctor, lawyer and pilot on a passenger airline — all before reaching full adulthood at age 21. Master in deception and cheating, he also possessed the art of forgery, which ultimately earned him millions of dollars, which he received under false checks. FBI agent Carl Hanratty would give anything to catch Frank and held accountable for their acts, but Frank is always ahead of his step, forcing to continue the chase.

12. The notebook (The Notebook 2004)

A touching love story, read by an elderly man from an old notebook woman in a nursing home. This is the story of relations boys and girls from different social strata, who lived in North Carolina. Noah and Allie spent an unforgettable summer together, until they were separated first parents, and then the Second world war.

13. Hachiko: the Most loyal friend (Hachi: A Dog's Tale 2008)

University Professor Parker Wilson at a train station found a lost puppy. Because for him no one came, the Professor was obliged to keep it. For a while, while the dog lived with Parker, they started a real friendship. Every day Hachiko accompanied his master to the station, and in the evening came to meet him. Once during the lecture, Wilson had a heart attack and he died suddenly. Not waiting for his master, Hachiko every day to come to the station to meet him.

14. The pursuit of happyness (The Pursuit of Happyness 2006)

Chris Gardner is a single dad. Raising five year old son, Chris struggles to make the child grow up happy. Working seller, he can't pay rent and they are evicted. Once on the street, but not wanting to give up, his father arranged an internship in a brokerage company, hoping to get a specialist position. Only during the probation period he will not receive any money, and the internship lasts 6 months.

15. Django unchained (Django Unchained 2012)

Super eccentric but very successful bounty hunter, nicknamed " the Dentist, systematically shooting the most dangerous criminals of the Wild West. A lot of work and alone, he is already unable to cope, and that means he needs to find a reliable assistant. The only problem is that gunslinger will agree to work with a Dentist only for decent money, and to share as something not very desirable. The problem is solved after the Dentist crossed with the fugitive slave Django.

16. Cinderella Man (Cinderella Man, 2005)

After suffering several defeats in a row, showing promise heavyweight boxer Jim Braddock forced to quit the sport. During the great depression, Braddock takes on any job to support his wife, Mae, and children. However, he still hopes to return to the ring. And once he is given a chance.

17. Race (Rush 2013)

70-ies of XX century. Golden time "Formula 1": streamlined shape of racing cars, brutal on the track and the vulnerable, in real life racers, sexy fans, liters of champagne at the finish line for the winner -- Two bitter rivals in the history of racing — a charming playboy Englishman James hunt and disciplined perfectionist-Austrian Niki Lauda — adjusted themselves to the limit of physical and psychological endurance for the triumph on the track.

18. Three idiots (3 Idiots 2009)

The two friends go in search of a missing friend. In this journey they need to engage in long-forgotten disputes, upset someone else's wedding and attend the funeral. The road runs through dangerous places. And here begins yet another no ordinary journey friends roads of their memory. They remembered his friend, irrepressible and free-thinking Ranch that somehow miraculously broke into their lives and everything in it has changed.

19. The life of David Gale (The Life of David Gale 2002)

David Gale — the man who tried to live in accordance with their principles, but in a bizarre twist of fate, this devoted father, popular Professor and an outspoken opponent of the death penalty will be on death row for the murder of activist Constance Harraway. Three days before the execution, Gale agrees to give an interview to a reporter bitsy bloom.

20. Freedom writers (Freedom Writers 2006)

A young teacher comes to work in the school, it is full of inspiration and anticipation for the upcoming work. But all her dreams crumble in an instant when she learns that her class is not manageable. The children in the class were divided into groups of racial and colonial.

21. Don't want to forget (Nae meorisokui jiwoogae 2004)

Su-Jin, a beautiful and wealthy woman. After her married lover, throws it tries to forget the past. One day she is faced with a poor carpenter Chul-soo, the only purpose of life which is to become an architect. Woman are attracted to him, Chul soo reciprocate and after a while they get married. But su-Jin meets a disease that causes her to lose memories.

22. Warrior 2011)

Different fate of two brothers Tommy and Brendan and their alcoholic father paddy, a long time ago not to keep communication with each other. Tommy returns to the father after fourteen years of absence. He wants to celebrate with a Grand booze, it's father refuses to drink with him, as was done with the destructive habit.

23. Pay it forward (Pay It Forward 2000)

The film tells about the boy, good and naive named Trevor. His alcoholic mother, and father disappears without a trace. It is besides better, as dad Trevor has always raised a hand to his mother. One day at school, the boys set a job that does not entail consequences, it's a game of intelligence and nothing more. But Trevor comes up with an interesting system that should help many people.

24. White prisoner (Eight Below 2005)

The story takes place in the vast expanses of the Antarctic. The scientific expedition, consisting of Jerry Shepard, his best friend, Cooper and geologist, goes in search of a meteorite. However, an unexpected accident and severe weather conditions force them to leave their dog sleds and go back. And now eight dogs must, within six months to fight for survival in the icy wilderness and wait until they were rescued.

25. Coach Carter (Coach Carter 2005)

The film is based on a true story that occurred in 1999 in Richmond, California. The coach of the school basketball team Ken Carter took a mid-season unprecedented decision by banning players, not experienced a single defeat, go to the site due to low performance in school. In the end, the team missed two games in the League, and the young basketball players were denied access to the gym until, until they began to study well.

26. The Terminal (2004 The Terminal)

The film tells the story of Victor Navorski, who went to new York from Eastern Europe. While Victor was flying in an airplane, in his homeland was a coup. Once at the international airport named after John F. Kennedy with the passport of nowhere, he has no right to enter the United States and must spend their days and nights on the benches at the exit 67, until the war in his home country will not end.

27. Desert flower (Desert Flower 2009)

The story of Waris Dirie — simple girl nomad from Somalia. At the age of 13 she ran away from the family, got to Mogadishu, and then ended up in London. After a few years she managed to become one of the most popular models in the world. Varis was not the first black top model, but she became the first woman who publicly condemned the practice of female circumcision, was appointed special Ambassador to the United Nations and created a Fund to combat FGM.

28. King says! (The King's Speech 2010)

The plot tape will tell the Duke, who is preparing to take office the British king George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II. After his brother abdicates, the hero reluctantly agrees to the throne. Exhausted by a terrible nervous stutter and doubts about their abilities to lead the country, George seeks help to unorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Logue.

29. Until he kicked the bucket (The Bucket List 2007)

It was so decided two cancer patients neighbor in the hospital room when he heard his sentence. One of them is hot-tempered billionaire, and the second erudite auto mechanic. They make a list of things you need to do before they kick the bucket, and go round the world trip, a journey of a lifetime. Skydiving? View. Racing vintage cars? Done. To see the pyramids? Great. To open the joy of life before it's too late? Sure!

30. I'm Sam (I Am Sam 2001)

Sam Dawson, a 40-year-old man with an IQ of a 7 year old working as a waiter. It would be difficult to survive with such data, if not the daughter, the fruit of casual relationships. Lucy has grown quite a normal person and could take care of his father, but the local social services took her father. Sam wants his daughter back.

31. Billy Elliot Billy Elliot 2000)

Than get involved the son of a miner? No Boxing and only Boxing. But 11-year-old Billy Elliot in this regard was his opinion. He was in love with... ballet. The father and older brother Tony fall into a rage when they find out that he had "traded box" to less "manly ballet". And only the sharp-tongued Mrs. Wilkinson supports Billy in his desire to dance, and he gets the chance to attend the Royal ballet school.

32. Hooligans (Hooligans 2004)

The journalism student Matt Buckner expelled from Harvard for a crime he did not commit. His promising career went down the drain, its future looks severe, and he sought refuge runs to London to his married sister Shannon. Her husband Steve introduces Matt to his younger brother, Pete. Became friends with Pete, Matt discovers the world of football fanaticism, and learn the secrets and intrigues of the football firm.

33. Remember the Titans (Remember the Titans 2000)

At the sight of these mighty handsome guys girls swoon, and their knights of envy shed his beer. The players in one of the most rigid and dynamic sports in the world — American football. For them there is no greater joy in life but with a triumphant roar "touchdown!" to press the ball into a scoring zone of the opponent, leaving behind a picturesque composition of sibling feet of enemy defenders. Victory! But few people know how difficult their path to glory.

34. The invisible children All the Invisible Children 2005)

This film is part of a worldwide project of UNICEF (UNICEF) and the International food programme of the United Nations (WFF). In seven episodes the main characters are children, who are serving time in juvenile detention, fighting in Africa, live on the street and suffer from AIDS.

35. Triumph (The Greatest Game Ever Played 2005)

Sports statistics carefully record all the records. But only the living memory can save precious moments of triumph of the human will to win. After dry figures on paper never give the feeling of wonder, which cause some truly fantastic achievement. And what happened to the championship Golf US Open in 1913, appropriately called it a miracle.

36. The curious case of Benjamin Button (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 2008)

The film is about a man who was born at the age of 80 years, and then... began to look younger. This man, like each of us, could not stop time. His path in the twenty-first century, originating in New Orleans in 1918, the year at the end of the First World war, is so unusual that could hardly take place in the life of someone else.

37. The Hunt (Jagten 2012)

After Lucas at the age of forty have experienced a painful divorce, he seeks to start a new life. The man gets a new girlfriend and tries by all means to restore the shaken relationship with his son adolescence. However, he was all the time something interferes. And on Christmas eve, a lie, spoken once, begins to grow like a snowball, and then it penetrates everywhere like a virus.

38. Life of PI (Life of Pi 2012)

This is the story of the son of the owner of an Indian zoo, a young boy named PI. He learns, learns to stand up for their principles, seeking their own way to God, living according to the canons of the three faiths, falls in love... But fate forced his family to emigrate. Halfway between India and Canada ship is wrecked, and PI remains in the lifeboat together with a Bengal tiger, a hyena, a Zebra and an orangutan. Around the boundless expanse of water, and ahead — the unknown... posted


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