Doctors could not save the person, because they have on record

A man was shot dead in the middle of Kiev. From Kiev Lisa Tatarinov, which proved to be a witness to the incident, he says that a man could be saved, but in the nearest private clinic where to passers-by refused to help, citing the fact that they have everything on the record, and everyone is busy.

How does the doctor oath "I swear to immediately provide emergency care to anyone who needs it, carefully, carefully, respectfully ...»

Below is a record of the witness without cuts, laid on her personal page on Facebook.

"An hour ago, going on Saksaganskogo, I witnessed the crime. Right on the sidewalk - a bloody man. With some difficulty breathing. Close lying broken glasses, wallet ... The rare passers-by stop in amazement, someone in a hurry to pass. Reflex took out his mobile. On the steps of the "Beer on Saksaganskogo" man in white shirt (manager, probably) on the phone. I listen - calls an ambulance. I called the police. She accepts the challenge. Thanks. On the bloodstained pavement, four - actually the victim, manager pivnuhi I and fragile girl. Savvy frantically what to do next. How to help? A!!! On the contrary - Clinic Healthy & Happy Ukraine. A man manager runs to a doctor. Notice wallows near the trunk. Once again I'm calling the police - please hurry, because firearms, long time with the girl I can not protect veschdoki, and in general, I was at work waiting ...

We must pay tribute, once again thank the cops. A minute later the phone calls back: a man's voice, a siren on intershume question: "How's the victim?" Asked to wait, and says that there will be a minute. At that time, I return my new friend (the one that the manager) and said: "They've got a private clinic by appointment, and all the doctors busy!" Probe pulse - thready. But there !!! Drive up the cops (though so famously zarulivaet on the sidewalk, he almost moved the victim). Ofigevayu. We ask them to go to the clinic and bring in front of the doctor. Starley timidly replied: "We need to pull the tape - to enclose the scene." Then I snarl, "I am, damn it, this place is guarded 10 minutes if one of the three of you will run the clinic and remind doctors about the Hippocratic Oath - the dying do not steal».

He ofigevaet - but obeys. It takes three minutes - was sent to the hospital sergeant returned with the answer: "They're not coming," Here I psihanul. I fly on snowy reception and outputs a text: "I'm a journalist. You have people dying under the windows. And if you do, damn it, will not have to help him, Now there are all the cameras of the Soviet Union, and you explained to them about his pre-record. " Nymph at the reception is green. And babbles, "and, yes of course, now I'll call the director." Everyone starts to fuss. It takes another 3 minutes. I pick up the phone on the words: "All the fucking call." Creek, "Wait-wait !!!". After 2 minutes, the doctor will materialize. With Matyuk dragging his hand across the road, promising to glorify his clinic in the whole country. He is in lousy golivudskih film breaks on the tape cordoning off the territory, he falls to his knees and starts CPR (by the way, personally have no complaints to the doctor, who did all he could in the foreseeable circumstances). But! .. It is not necessary ... And after 5 minutes the ambulance arrived. The whole performance lasted a total of 30 minutes.

This is what I? I hate the world in which television cameras doctors fear more than the conscience !!! 25 minutes have under the windows of the dying person, but they RECORD !!! And you know what? I feel responsible for the death of a stranger to me man ... If I dropped my mother's upbringing and goddamned inteligentnost, 15 minutes earlier he broke into the clinic shaking crusts and promising media anger at their head - a person could be saved ... "


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