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Of course, cats often become the object of scientific research without applying for the Ig Nobel prize. example, neuroscientists have found under the skin of cats, mice and other mammals, the special nerve cells that recognize only one kind of signal - stroking hair. However, then the researchers, led by David Anderson of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena (USA) using a fairly complex experiment established fact known from personal experience all the owners of cats and dogs - stroking really nice animals.

Very serious problem biologists will help to solve the glowing green cat - in the genome of an animal derived by experts from the United States, introduced a gene for resistance to immunodeficiency virus. Lights cat is also not by itself: the famous green fluorescent protein gene (GFP), researchers used as an indicator of the success of "transplant" essential gene. Creators of special luminous kittens expect that in the future they will help them to develop drugs and gene therapy for HIV.

Cat genetics apparently scientists will present more surprises. For example, late last year, scientists have shown that the "switch" pattern on the skin of many cat is just one gene: a normal version of it leads to tiger stripes and mutant - leopard spots. Depending on the presence or absence of mutations in the gene cat for life acquires a characteristic "pattern" that grows with her life.


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