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For many comedic actor Jim Carrey, but if you carefully study all of his filmography, it is absolutely clear - he is also worthy of a dramatic character. Trump Jim - his facial expressions, and he knows it, taking advantage of what nature gave him from film to film. Plus, I would add to its advantages innate charm and lack of fear of appearing ridiculous, how most of the "napyzhennyh" actors possess. Unfortunately, all age and Kerry have poltinnichek, but glad that it is still open and energetic, but at the same time profound. Reading his "rules of life" not only get pleasure from the beauty of the words, but on the fact that he is incredibly sincere.

My main rule of life? First, remember, if you are pursuing a feeling, "Life is like something is wrong, I'm not doing what I have to deal with," that all of you will wipe their feet. Second, never take themselves too seriously. When my agent, my attorney and my two talked about my management fee for "the Cable" - and it happened at my house, we communicated with the other side of the phone in the video mode in a white terry robe a la Ace Ventura.

When it is necessary to give such an interview, I sometimes very nervous. I think: "Oh, damn, well, what else to tell something?" Seriously about the van I told about my father told me all told. After the fifth or sixth question I'm tempted to write something new. We have to do on a terrible effort to keep from Nonsense.
The comedian does not necessarily change the world with his art, but it can make life more bearable in it. Before my career stronulas off the ground, I'm fifteen years has performed in comedy clubs. At night tossing and turning in bed and thought about the psychology of the audience, trying to figure out what people need, what they feel the need. And I think I figured out where the shoe pinches. I can make people a couple of hours all forgotten how to rejoice. I help them to relax. Sometimes I - as a plaster on the wound, and sometimes my work - a small contribution to their healing.

The best days of our lives are often at the same time the most difficult. When I played Ace Ventura, it was the happiest time in my life. At the same time the most difficult thing: I started having trouble with his wife. In a sense, I was saved by the fact that I - a comedian. I was saved by the fact that I looked at life with humor - seen through suffering. It is said that humor - really angry, but that anger - is in fact repressed in the unconscious pain. Some of the best comedy scenes in my life I have played at a time when the quarrel with his wife, when I was really shitty.
It is true, my family has slipped to the bottom of society, when I was sixteen. We, the children had to go to work. We have become a family team of cleaners - cleans the toilets seats of pubic hair. I hated the whole world - I was terribly sorry for the fact that life is so cost with my father. But what about his childhood and youth tell me boring.

Under no circumstances can not watch other people's films - where I was shot. If I go to a movie, then I think: "For two hours I spent in the cinema, I certainly would invent some otvyaznyh piece, something that has not happened on the screen." Just I am going crazy because he spent time!
Can not believe it, but in my childhood I was painfully shy. This land I bore no children. With me no - seriously I say, no! - I did not speak. "Who is Jim? Yes, it is crazy, okay? Why hobnob with him! "And suddenly it dawned on me: those clown numbers, I chipped home can slip and at school. I remember very well how to try for the first time: I come to school and starting to fall up the stairs. Around everything just exploded with laughter. I was "Jim-jerk" and was "Jim, of course, he was still a moron, but cool!" That was the beginning of the end.

It is not easy the first to speak to women. You might like one, improvising in front of the camera, you can gush brilliant ideas, but when you need to take a few steps and say: "Hello, I like you. You see, if I invite you to dinner? .. "- Is quite another matter. I always hamstring shaking. Sometimes perebaryvat fear, and sometimes you can not. But I can not swear for it. I think I do not want to turn into a type which all nevermind that can basements to any with the words, "Hello, little one." No, I would not agree to be so.
I love music. All my life since childhood. My father was a clarinetist and saxophonist, and at home always was music big band. My daughter is also a real jazz fan. When it comes to my house, put Miles Davis. But her eighteen! She jazz understands better than I do. When she came to me in New York, we went to "Lennox-Lange" in Harlem, watched jazz musicians playing live and all that, and it's great: I was able to do for her what once made for me, my father. I am fond of variety art comedians, and the father took me to the "Yuk-YUKS" on Church Street.

What is the source of inspiration? I take a lot of animal behavior. When I was a young actor, I have lived a cat with large eccentricities. Sometimes he pulls back his ears - it was a sign that he was going crazy mischief. One day, looking at the cat, I suddenly have realized: Yeah, that's what I need to do! Let the public have the feeling that I start to climb the curtains, I throw something crazy.
All my life I believe in miracles. I do not know, whether they occur in reality or so it seems by faith. But I think that is the essence of faith, if you believe that you can do something, the probability of success increases. In the second class we have a new teacher-Irish. She said, "If I pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary, asking about anything, and it gives me all whatever I asked for." I came home that day, and prayed to the Virgin Mary on the bike, the bike "Mustang". Father poverty I could not buy a bike and all my friends were "Mustangs." And two weeks later I come home from school, I walk through the living room to my bedroom, and here comes a brother and said: "What do you sit here? I saw that we have in the kitchen? "It was my" Mustang ". I won the green bike "Mustang" in the lottery for buyers, even though it did not participate, I have not sent coupons!

In our school there was another great teacher. I'm still not publicly thanked her for everything she did for me. Her name was Lucy Dervetis and she taught us the texts of "The Beatles". We understand the text from beginning to end, we discussed that could mean every word, to get down to the subtext to the double meaning - it was awful nice. And Lucy Dervetis made me not hooligans in the classroom, and poured his energy, arranging at the end of the school day show. She told me: "If you behave and not to disturb other students, at the end of the last lesson, after having done the job, I'll give you fifteen minutes - to act!" I coped with the task and, instead of distracting classmates currently composed repertoire, considering how poyadovitee drag teachers and stuff. By the way, Lucy Dervetis then seized me a couple of his portraits of my work. Caricatures that I drew on it in the back row. And many years later, when I became famous, I returned them by mail.

I have no life, and the dream of a madman. Sometimes, even at this nonsense goes, seriously. Recently I was visiting George Martin (producer of the Beatles). I talked to him three o'clock. To such it is impossible to get used to. He behaved very modestly. He came up, shook my hand and said: "I am honored to meet you," I replied, "Well I hang noodles on the ears! Damn, do you really serious? »

The downside of fame? You can not steal in supermarkets, even if you really want.
If I play too many dramatic roles, you become terribly serious. And if you search with comedy? It becomes boring. I began to think what else to do. For me, it is better to be known as a man of mystery and take on the roles in which I have no one expects to see. I want my films have been close to the people. I'm a man, I have thin skin, and in my films if it feels, I'm proud of them.

Many of us have crazy relatives. And some of us in the eyes of their relatives - you crazy.
Look into the past is very interesting. I mean, you look back - and there is complete madness, a plague. And, probably, since then nothing much has changed.


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