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For this young singer future of the Russian pop music. 21-year-old Niusha this year recognized the best performer on the version of the TV channel "Muz-TV", and in our country this premium channel is considered the most prestigious. The career of this young girl who has officially changed its name to Anya Nyusha to a successful pseudonym was with her life began in 2007 when she won the TV contest "STS lights superstar." Already on protection or not, today, does not matter, because the present day musicians parents already do not decide anything. Its popularity is growing with each new hit, and the independence of the girl and her independence from their parents are becoming more noticeable. Nyusha have no musical education, but there is a song "howling at the moon", "Do not interrupt," "Choose Your Miracle", "sick" and "above". By the way, this year the magazine «Cosmopolitan» acknowledged Niusha most stylish singer.


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