Apparatus for massage (2 photos)

Distant 1977th year. The Polish People's Republic in commercially available instrument for strange women. The name on the package reads: "Apparatus for massage". However, the appearance of the device suggests that today it is called differently. Despite the obvious intimate associations of the first level, try to guess the order in which the device was used. The strange contraption comes from the country's "Iron Curtain" won in his time more than one hundred Poliańćek cosmetology offices ... If your mind does not come except platitudes, the otgadka under the cut.

As the instruction unusual device, this massage device for massaging the face and neck. Used primarily in the beauty parlor, less self-massage the patient. The housing is made of polycarbonate, which is harmless to the skin, and even approved for use in contact with food. Ease of use of the device and the limiting ease of maintenance provided by two batteries type R14 (each of 1, 5). Mobile devices can benefit Producing Healthy massage in any location - indoors, on the beach, in the woods and on the streets. Rhythmic vibration device using a light circular massage rotation is given skin area. After a few minutes to carry the device on the skin and turn it off, scrolling wheel to the left. Noticing a significant reduction in vibration machine, you must replace the batteries. Apparatus stored in a dry place to avoid wetting. Regular use of the device brings favorable Healthy Effect. The facial skin becomes elastic and acquires a healthy color. It is recommended for use in women of thirty-five years.


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