Most harmful products

In order to start losing weight, not necessarily to torture yourself diets and suffer in the gym. It is enough to eliminate the most harmful foods from your diet.

At first it may seem difficult, but then the body will get used and will cease to demand from you the bad things. Over time, it will form a psychological barrier that will not allow to use harmful products in the quantities in which it has happened before.

1. Chips

Potatoes generally is not the most healthy food as she had not been prepared. Moreover, in the form of chips from her there is nothing natural. This solid carcinogens, butter, flavors and flavor enhancers. Such a set of impurities facing cancer, not to mention the problems with weight. The same can be attributed to the French fries, its manufacturing technology is almost the same. 2. Soda

Think about it - it is water with dyes and bubbles. Dye and bubbles! Even when diluted in water gouache and add sugar, you get something healthier soda a thousand times. The popularity of these drinks only skillful marketing if these budgets are spent on advertising compote - it was fashionable to drink compote. On top of that it is believed that cold soda goes well with fast food, but in fact it dulls the sense of fullness, causing eat another hamburger. Cola Light, by the way, is no better: they contain sugar substitutes, which in many ways it is more harmful. Think about that when you drink soda, stomach hates you.

3. Fast food

It's so obvious product of his even ashamed to include in the list. The fast food is not at all any advantages other than speed and cheapness. Optionally, to satisfy their acute hunger burger if you do not have time for a full meal. It is better to cook the same sandwich, but of the healthy components: Adygei cheese, vegetables, lettuce, shrimp. And be sure without adding sauce and mayonnaise.

4. Mayonnaise

We are talking only about the shop because a rare use of homemade mayonnaise slightly hurts figure and health. If we abandon the habit of generously watered them all that you eat in a couple of weeks, you will notice that centimeters in the waist has become much smaller. To contact mayonnaise can add all ketchup and sauces - they are so full of flavors, fats and flavor enhancers, and natural components is almost zero. It is better to cook these yourself or fill low-fat sour cream substitute (calories from this decrease by 60%).

5. Salt and sugar

Both the first and the second - white death. Salt water retention in the body and is deposited where it is not needed. And sugar is still evident - for losing weight is the enemy number one. Just give up these foods is easy, but try to reduce their use worthwhile. If systematically nedosalivat food will soon get used to it and begin to distinguish between the natural flavor of foods, untainted salty taste. Sugar replace honey.

6. Alcohol

On the dangers of this product it is written and said a lot. Drink alcohol once a week (every Friday) - have alcoholism, have no idea of ​​how to spend a holiday sober - too. From this "culture of drinking" should get rid of. You should start with what is to stop drinking cheap alcohol (bottled beer, wine boxes) and go on to something better. As an option - to change the environment, because, as you know, in teetotal us not to drink more easily.

7. sausages, smoked

Anecdote about the sausage of toilet paper, though sad, but nevertheless does not stop our citizens from the excessive consumption of this product. You can never guess, from which it is cooked sausage that you're going to eat for dinner and how many weeks it. Salting and smoking meat - the processes needed for the meat stored longer. Naturally, useful items as a result of being killed, but the decomposition in the sausage does not stop. But the flavors and flavor enhancers make it so that you do not notice. It also may include all semi-finished products such as dumplings, meatballs.

8. Fried

Cooking food in sunflower oil or margarine - it means killing all the beneficial properties, and at the same time to produce carcinogens. Moreover, during the roasting of the fluid contained in the product oil is replaced, resulting in significantly increased caloric meals. Alternatively, you can briefly fry foods at high heat until brown (only in olive oil!) And finish cooking dishes or bake in a double boiler.

9. Sweet

Especially candy, chewy candies, lollipops. harm from them much more than a piece of cake. Because huge amount of sugar in addition, they contain artificial colors and flavors. I would like the sweet? Learn to eat honey, dried fruit, if the chocolate - the only bitter. Ice cream, by the way, is also very rich in calories.

10. White bread

This includes all flour products. Buns and white bread, especially fresh, very tasty. Especially if the butter or sausage. In fact, in such baked goods is not left anything useful. Because the flour for their manufacture have been cleared of nutritional fiber. So black whole wheat bread is much better. Still bakery is better not to abuse, eating them for breakfast, much less eat with pasta and cereals.


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