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Former deputy envoy of Chechnya under President Tamerlane Mingan, turned smuggler
Dismissed after scandal near the shopping center "European", where his wife and son behaved rudely with activists "StopHam" during the campaign to combat illegal parking, an official illegally imported into Russia Swiss watch exclusive models and expensive phones. As reported at Vnukovo customs, Mingan and his friend were detained at the airport "Vnukovo" in August 2013. In their luggage customs officers found watches "Rolex" and "Ulysses Nardin", as well as mobile phones 'Vertu' total cost of 11 million rubles. All this stuff Mingan transported across the border of the customs union is illegal, is not declared and paid relying fee of $ 3 million. The investigation revealed that this case is not the first time. Moreover, the Mingan organized illegal movement of goods across the border, using their contacts at the Permanent Mission of the President of the Chechen Republic, where he worked until mid-2012. Against Tamerlane and his accomplice a criminal case under article "evasion of customs duties a group of persons by prior agreement on a large scale." The matter will soon be sent to the court.



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