Land for dinner

The Japanese know how to surprise. Even amazing. And do it with enviable regularity and in a completely different spheres of our life. In the culinary field as well. Although there after extreme fish puffer surprise already, in principle, it is difficult. But failed.
Have you ever try mud soup? A grenochki of the same product? And for good reason.
Cook with twenty years of Toshio Tanabe French restaurant (though what relation to French cuisine have similar delights, it is not clear) offers them, among others, in its menu. Specialties, so you know.
Land for its exotic dishes specialist orders from afar, as absolutely out of her feet do not dig up. Or have to dig deep enough. Since the surface layers is almost universally contaminated. In the cities - by itself. But the suburbs and farmland are not suitable for this purpose. Maybe also for this reason, ground delights not to say that cheap as they might think. Light dinner will cost about a hundred dollars.
Visitors are culinary creations maestro in different ways, but be that as it may, on average, every day kilogram of soil goes into the digestive tract restaurant guests.
Tanabe himself regrets that at the present time to use the soil for food is not considered normal. Although it is very useful for the organism.
So now, if you decide to go to the mud, you have an alternative - a powerful tool to use as an external or internal.


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