Pork fighting in China (6 photos)

I did not assume that there is one !!!

These photos show fight pigs who fight for life to the applause of the audience. Initially, two animals walking around without getting into a fight, but the superintendent, hitting them with long sticks, still involved the pigs in the fight. Like two beasts of prey, they face their heads and trying to knock down the opponent, then to bite his neck.

This is a bloody show - a popular sport in China, where managers are tired of responding to calls from animal protection organizations that need to stop hosting the event. By the way, fighting pigs only one of many sports in which animals fight to the death. Other representations, such as the fight stallions also draw thousands of spectators with delight watching bloody battle. Holiday ends when one of the stallions score before his death.

"We know that the world is against violence, but it is our ancient tradition - said one of the organizers. - We're not going to stop such competition as they are part of our culture ┬╗.

Battles Asian water buffalo - also a popular idea in the Chinese province of Guizhou.

While the "competition" between pigs, horses and bulls are very popular among the Chinese, animal welfare advocates believe these actions "barbaric" and "bloodthirsty┬╗.
Note that a public fight between stallions prohibited in almost all countries, except the Philippines, Indonesia, North Korea and China.


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