In Afghanistan, the Taliban resumed illegal dog fights

In most Western countries banned dog fighting ... Animal rights have been trying to ban them in the East, calling this action a bloody, cruel and perverse fun of gangsters and gamblers. However, the vast space the sport is booming, firmly securing its legitimacy on the ground and gaining new followers. He came back in Afghanistan, where, during the reign of the Taliban has been banned.

Very cruel spectacle.
And the worst thing is that people get from this show fun and profit, which is built on the blood and suffering of animals.
Dogs pits and they just tear each other, I would not want my dog ​​to participate in such.

1) In 2003, Afghanistan had resumed carrying banned under the Taliban regime dogfights.

2) These popular "entertainment" is widely practiced in the country for the last 250 years - since the ascension to the throne of the first ruler of the dynasty Durrani Ahmad Shah.

3) Dog fights are held in Afghanistan in a circle enclosed grounds of about 10 meters in diameter.

4) The fighting stopped when one of the "fighters" squeeze the defeated enemy to the ground or pull it off the circle


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