What to give the man in the "Valentine's Day"

Not far off is the most romantic day of February - Valentine's Day. And that means it's time to think about gifts - and not only guys but also girls.

If you are still scratching their heads and do not know what to give, then choose something appropriate from this list the men's wishes:

1. Add a "force" for breakfast

If he is a fan of the legendary "Star Wars", then surely appreciate this original course as crunchy biscuits for breakfast in the form of Master Yoda, Darth Vader and Stormtroopers.

2. A pair of boxer shorts

Good quality clothes will be most welcome, if you want your favorite remembered you as often as possible.

3. Cooler bottled beer

For all the fans of this intoxicating drink cooler will be a great gift that will help avoid the rapid heating of beer and frequent trips to the refrigerator. Simply freeze the metal pin in the refrigerator and put it in a bottle. You can drink beer right through it, thanks to a special device in the accessory.

4. Touch Gloves

To have always been a favorite hands warm when it dials you love sms, buy him a pair of touch gloves. All the more so in February - the coldest month is enough, and the gloves have a special binding, whereby any touch screen responds to touch and hands will not freeze in the cold.

5. Sport water bottle

Great gift for an athlete or an amateur just extraordinary. This bottle can be taken anywhere - on a run, a hike in the gym. It opens from both sides, so it is very easy to clean, and the materials from which it is made, retain the taste of water is always fresh.

6. The premium edition

For example, it may be edition of "The Godfather." And that was a surprise gift inside this book hidden flask of stainless steel. Maybe it's not exactly romantic, but as an original.

7. Traps for aerating water

This thing is perfect for all lovers of sparkling water, drinks and cocktails. Less than 30 seconds, you can already enjoy together soda or soda, which until recently was normal water from the tap.

8. Comfortable sweatshirt

This article of clothing has become very popular lately. In Hoodie your man will always look fashionable, stylish and modern.

9. Travel Bag

Or maybe your lover has traveled extensively throughout the world and it is time to update the old gym bag? Then buy him a stylish bag that will look superb in the office or in the gym.

10. Dinner by candlelight

If you want to make the holiday a memorable one, then book a table at a restaurant, or better yet, prepare a special dinner with his hands. Juicy steak, a glass of wine and romantic music - what could be better. Men always appreciate it and realize that you care about him.

11. A new wallet

Unlike women, most men do not pay attention to the little things like a wallet. But be that as it may be to any man will be pleased to receive a gift of a new leather wallet or dokumentnitsu.

12. Sports Pedometer

If your man - an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, you can give him a bracelet pedometer. The gadget will calculate the number of calories to be burned, pace, and miles to be traveled, and he has a sleep mode control.

13. New headphones

If your "Valentine" a big fan of high-quality sound and deep bass, the headphones become an indispensable gift for even the most discerning music fans.

14. iPad mini

Well, who would not want to receive such a gift? If your loved one does not yet have this gadget, you can safely go to the store. A gift to get personal and exclusive, do laser engraving on it. Who knows, maybe it will be a declaration of love?


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