The human body - this is a very complex mix of many different systems, which, at times, very difficult for us to understand and complete investigation. One of the main system, in my opinion, is the one that protects our lives from external threats, thus avoiding unwanted damage, injuries and other not very pleasant consequences. Let's talk a little about some of the security mechanisms that are involved in the human body.

1. Yawning

How nice it is sometimes good to yawn in the morning at work. But why we yawn? The mechanism of yawning investigated to date is very bad, but something scientists still managed to find out. One of the main reasons why people yawn, is overheating or overloading of the brain. If we are active, a little sleep or enough sleep, experiencing psychological stress or stress - the body launches special protective gear. Inhaling during yawn large amount of air, we slightly cool the brain through the upper palate, as well as disclose the airways, increasing the supply of oxygen to the blood and relaxes your muscles. In general, yawning is very useful for our body, so try to yawn as often as possible - it is pleasant and helpful.

2. Sneezing

Mechanism sneezing starts in our body at the moment when the nasal cavity accumulates too many allergens, germs, dust, or you just overdone with black pepper in the kitchen. At this moment there is irritation of nerve endings and special person sneezes, getting rid of all the excess that was in his nose and throat. The main thing that in front of you at this time there was no one, and it is inconvenient to work, because the speed of exhaled air by sneezing up to 160 kilometers per hour, and in one chihe on average may contain more than 100 thousand of harmful bacteria. In other words, try to hide behind a handkerchief while sneezing, well, or at least hand - all the bacteria you certainly will not catch, but at least reduce their spread. If a person sneezes continuously for a long time, it may be that close to him is a strong allergen to which he alludes to the body, they say, find and throw, and then the whole apartment with their mucous discharge splattered. By the way, did you know that some people are allergic to sunlight? Imagine a man woke up in the morning and come to sneeze until sunset. Well, that is not found very often.

3. Straighten

Stretching - it is also a kind of defense mechanism, although we almost complete control and stretch on their own. However, this process is very important for the normal functioning of our body. During stretching the body prepares to physical activities that await him during the day, warm up the muscles after a dream, restored circulation, improves mood and so on. Scientists argue that stretching even improves your taste and tactile sensations, so until you reached out to breakfast even do not touch!

4. Hiccups

Hiccups - a kind of signal to the body that something is wrong with our digestive system. Of course, the common hiccup and without any good reason, or as a consequence of a serious illness, but more often it is a sign that the body tells us: "Enough to eat!". When a person has hastily swallowing large pieces of food or elementary overeating - in this moment there is irritation of the vagus nerve, which is closely related to our stomach and diaphragm. In everything you need to know when to stop and chew thoroughly before swallowing it. Universal means of dealing with hiccups to this day does not exist. One helps the breath-holding, the other - a glass of water, and the third - nothing helps. They just lie and humbly forward to when this is all over.

5. Myoclonic seizures

You know the feeling when you're lying in bed, start to fall into a nice sleep envelops you, and at this very moment your whole body seemed to beat current. All the muscles in an instant reduced so much that you already throws up on the bed, on which you will immediately wake up and look around helplessly in the dark. This phenomenon is also part of the security of our complex organism with you and it is called "myoclonic jerks." The fact is that when you start to fall asleep, your breathing rate decreases sharply, and the pulse slows down slightly, the muscles are relaxed, and in this state together your brain misinterprets as dying. That's why he sends the strongest impulse to save his master. We can say that the brain is trying to revive you with the built-in your body Taser. Of course, once it becomes clear that you do not even die, the brain calms down a bit and allows you to sleep normally. But you must admit, it's nice to know that he constantly monitors our security.

6. Swelling of the skin from moisture

I think that all faced with swollen from water fingertips and toes, after will lie in the bathroom longer than usual. Funny picture obtained on the skin of children is especially amusing. It would seem that this may be useful in this phenomenon for our body? How do I find scientists, swelling of the skin does not happen by accident. Our body feels faced with high humidity and where the humidity - it can be slippery. Therefore, the skin on our fingertips immediately begins to transform to enhance its grip on smooth surfaces. In other words, the body does everything that we have not slipped on the wet floor and were able to catch their new "superpaltsami" for something before you fall and hurt about to hit something hard. Who said we were not a little superheroes then?

7. Loss of memory

Memory loss in some cases - is not the result of the meeting of the head with a heavy blunt object, but a very smart way to protect our fragile psyche of not the most pleasant memories. There are numerous cases in which victims of violence, different or natural disasters forgets about the most terrible moments. And, on the one hand, in our body it can understand. Why write in permanent memory that does not bring a man no joy and good feeling? Better to permanently delete it from the internal drive and relieve the owner from unnecessary emotions. By the way, do you know why after taking a certain dose of alcohol, we stop to remember anything? When a person strongly over the top with alcohol and leads most of their motor functions in complete incapacity, the body begins to seem that the body is exposed to a huge overload and multiple threats from the outside, which means it is unlikely that a person is going through its "best of times". Therefore, recording memories simply off to play it safe and not let you in the morning to remember almost nothing. That torments then thought: "Well, I've done this yesterday, today woke up in the attic among the pigeons, so even with the accordion in his hands?».

8. Goosebumps

Funny pimples that appear on our skin at times when we are cold, or when we are extremely emotionally excited, too, are part of the defense complex of the body. First and foremost, their function - reduction of heat through the pores in our skin, due to which the body is much easier to keep warm in harsh climatic conditions. A second emotional reaction to the appearance of "goose skin" has not been investigated to the end, but scientists suspect that all this has come to us from the distant past, from our prehistoric ancestors. While they may not have been so bald, as we are now. Their bodies were covered with thick hair, and his sin was not use to their advantage. When the tiny muscles near the hair bulb tense from any emotional outburst (and while often found naturally fear), they lift each hair in a vertical position. All this, in turn, leads to the fact that the hair on the body of our ancestors immediately fluffs, due to which they became a little more visually and looked much more intimidating to their enemies (this has now actively using domestic cats and many other mammals). Goals were, evolution did not spare anyone. We bald, and a protective mechanism is preserved to this day. And when we are experiencing a particularly emotional moment - our body tries to fluff the fur, which we almost gone. Because of this, we become like a strange perevozbuzhdёnnogo goose, not the majestic furry manul. It is a pity, it would be useful at times be a bit bigger and fluffier to impress someone.

9. Tears

In addition to the protective function of the mucous membrane in contact with foreign bodies in the eye tears are also a tool for emotional defenses. Scientists believe that in stressful situations, the body creates a new, very powerful center of irritation, which is designed to distract people from the pain that he experienced before. When a child is hit or cut himself, his cerebral cortex enhances a variety of body functions: breathing, movement, the functions of the glands of internal and external secretion. But the main external sign that a person experiences physical or emotional pain, of course, are the tears. Increased slёzootdelenie reduces excitation of the cerebral cortex caused by injury or cuts. And it happens because while crying tears fall, and even in the nasal cavity, which watered the mucous membrane and the shell, this, in turn, is full of receptors of the trigeminal and olfactory nerves that transmit signals directly to the brain, distracting him from the main source irritations, i.e. pain. So, when a man cries, he really kind of dulls the pain. Incidentally, in the mid-80s in the USSR special study was conducted, during which scientists have found that the wounds on animals heal much faster than if those cause slёzootdelenie. But in those animals lachrymal glands were removed, the wound healed much longer than usual. How can you not cry when it is so useful?

10. Additional feelings

Despite the fact that more often we hear about the five senses, which is endowed with a man, these feelings are much more. List them all, I can hardly take it, because this is a topic for much more developed material, however a couple of examples I'll still give. Imagine that in one hand you hold the glowing iron, and the other hand is brought close to its heated surface. You feel the warmth and know that if you touch the iron now - you will experience pain, although none of your five senses, you can not tell it. You do not see the heat can not hear it, do not feel its taste, do not touch it physically, do not feel its smell. Yet you feel warm and a potential threat to its security. This feeling of warmth is provided by sensors located in your skin. And what a feeling helps us to feel the pain and realize that we hung upside down? Another very simple example: try to close your eyes and touch your finger to the tip of the nose. You are not using any of its five basic senses. This feeling is called "proprioception" - it allows us to know exactly where our limbs and all parts of the body, through the knowledge of the size and shape of your body, as well as with the information support of the brain that monitors the status and position of each of our muscles in space. All these, and many other additional feelings are hardly the main defense mechanism of the human body, which is almost every point in time does not allow us to be in trouble.



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