How not to pay on the bus

1. The conversion of the hare in the mouse. Upon entering the bus, choose the window area and start auditory training. Inspire yourself throughout the journey: "I - mouse, I - a little mouse ..." In this case, try to imagine the other passengers giants. And then the guard you, it may not even notice. Reliability of the method - 10%.

2. An alien. Bellow conductor something that is not in Russian. If you do not remember the school curriculum, fit line from a song, for example, «We dont need no education! We dont need no thought control! »Or« Vrij sa Numa Numa shoulders gift Yei! Numa Numa Yei! ". Only in the latter case, you need to make a smart person. Conductor orobeet and depart. Reliability - 20%.

3. deaf-blind. Lack of ways - you need to carry your dark glasses and a cane. Reliability - 30%

4. Legend of the one stop. Set out clearly its maximum conductor. Lack of ways - at the next stop would have to leave. Reliability - 40%

5. The scene with the old ticket. Find in your pocket has not eaten thee lucky ticket. With his deadpan scuffle, trying to guard noticed. Thinking that already obiletil you, he will pass. Reliability - 50%

6. Bucha. When you require a fare, ZAOr: "Citizens of the passengers! Yes, that is it! Standing, waiting for them, somehow cram, then you are hanging on one leg. And then there's - pay the fare ... But for this we have to pay extra! "Disadvantage - resent the need for a long time, until the desired stop. Reliability - 60%

7. Go works as a conductor. Reliability - 100%


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