As long as you remember Russian

As long as you remember Russian, your life in the Czech Republic will be one continuous fun. "Vonyavki" translated from Czech spirits, "stale potraviny" -svezhie products "scum with cattle on plavidle" - handsome guy with a paddle boat and other fun ...

It is said that several years ago Russian tourists bellow to hiccups, looking at billboards, "Coca-Cola". They wore traditional frozen bottle, and the inscription on the board reads: "overpowering creature!" Ikayuschie laughing Russian and did not immediately think, that in translation from Czech And this inscription etovsego a powerful slogan - "perfect creation!┬╗.

In Prague, at the entrance to some places of entertainment emblazoned inscription - "Girls in vain." Imagine how Russian-speaking break off individual male, when they learn that it means only that the girls do not pay an entrance fee! And the house - "barracks" hello friend - "Ahoy perdelka┬╗ ...

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