5 most unusual phones

BenQ Qube Z2

Once we started with a mobile phone designed for women, and then finish the model, designed the beautiful half of humanity. If E910 Serene created in the image of cosmetics, the cause of BenQ Qube Z2 was the fashion for colored artificial nails.

It's no secret that women who use such accessories, want to be seen clearly and be in the spotlight. In accordance with this phone has an original design: a tiny box with a tiny tiny small screen and the buttons. Looks very nice, but, in truth, to use such minimobilnikom possible only because of the extraordinary love of beauty. However, the main style is not the point ...

For Qube Z2 there a lot of removable panels. They do not just differ in color, but many have embossed pattern or design. Exactly the same found on the surfaces of artificial nails. If you choose one to another, you get an impressive touch to your appearance. The fact that it looks really impressive, you can see for yourself by looking at the pictures. Moreover, the company reported that the owner of any phone itself can come up with any image and then order a unique access panel with a similar pattern.

However, I do not pretend to be the stylist or image-maker, so if someone does not agree with me - I will not argue. In any case, this model is of interest to girls, bet on catchy style odezhde.Interesno noted that the technical parameters Qube Z2 somewhat inferior, but for the most part exceeds E910 Serene. Thus, the product BenQ deprived Bluetooth, COM-port, mail client, but it has a 1, 3-megapixel camera (suprotiv 0, 3), mp3-player and FM-radio. Once developers have managed to put so many functions in such a little one. Finally, I admit that, for all his sympathy for this phone and have not figured out how to talk to him.

Concept Nokia 888

Once people dreamed to go to space and fantastic ships travel through the universe. But then it turned out that space - it's difficult to extent the space filled with emptiness, where only a very, very rare to stumble upon some cold lump asteroid, glowing ball of stars or dust cloud nebula. In other words, space does not bode person except an incredible amount of boredom.

Since then, our dreams have turned to more pressing things, and for the most part they are reducible to the statement "it makes it easier to live." So let's get together with the designers of Nokia mobile phone fantasize about the future (I do it, it just will not dull).

Thin and plastic. It can bend, twist, straighten and wrap around the hand, and he will obey and keep the desired shape. The display occupies the entire surface of one of the parties. It is used to control the device.

However, the author of this concept was not enough, and he added the unit functions independently gaining shape. For example, when a call, the phone is curved in some semblance of the tube. Others offer the opportunity - communication through such deformations. Let's say you send your girlfriend "heart" and her phone takes this form. Then you come, and your cell phone into a "lip, folded into a kiss." And so on ...

Wear 888th wherever and however you want: folded in half clinging pocket and wrapped around the wrist like a wristwatch or crumpling, throw it in a briefcase or handbag. The designer says that technology can create such a phone today. This will require a flexible touch screen, housing material, the ability to remember its shape, elastic chip and battery. It may well be that he is right, but how much will cost the production of such devices as far as it will work reliably is difficult to say.

Concept Nokia SURV1

As you know, to check other must take the risk and take it with you into the mountains. If there is it will be capricious and complain, then penny it cost. But steadfastly endure all the trials and hardships - you can fully trust. So, according to the presented criterion of mobile phones Nokia SURV1 only person able to become a true friend. With him at least in the mountains, at least to the bottom of the ocean ...

He is ready for extreme conditions, as is waterproof and shock-resistant housing. Built-in GPS-receiver will help you find the right path. MP3-player will not get bored on the road. And in an emergency by pressing the emergency button on his emergency calling. The other functions of the phone is controlled via a touch screen, which can also be used as a flashlight. Finally, the machine must have a good battery to a long time without recharging.

Portable disk phone

Yes-ah ... nonche phones are not what they once were. Oh, it was time. Devices placed on the designated areas (on the dresser or shelf). And they had a kind of stately - pleasure to watch. A tepericha, ponapridumali some "mopilniki." Youth ponakupit itself such raspihat the pockets and bags, and then rush them as rabid. And yet constantly staring at them and poked his fingers - stydoba and only. And before that, what kind of machine has been in - disc. Here is a technique! And such nonche already do ...

But no. Bastard from Spark Fun Electronics decided to make an old man and have created a portable disk phone. In essence, this mobile phone is placed in a old machine. To work it also requires SIM-card. From its ancient ancestor inherited disk device to dial and a real metal bell for incoming calls. Also the phone is equipped with a lithium polymer battery, which lasts for 4-5 days of work.

And maybe it's me, because now the phones are not the same ...

Samsung E910 Serene

The result of cooperation between the companies Samsung and Bang & Olufsen had to break our stereotypes about the appearance of your mobile phone. And I must say that this task he coped. The model has an extremely unusual design. Although, to be precise, it unusual for a mobile phone. I would venture to suggest that the creation of this clamshell developers inspired regular beautician. Judge for yourself: in the closed state the phone, except for the inscription Samsung, nothing itself does not issue; and in the open - the display will come down for quite a mirror, and the keyboard is like a tray of her compact.

Apparently, for this reason, the manufacturer positions the device as an exclusively female. This phone will help the ladies look majestic and mysterious. Despite the absence of additional inserts and other jewelry, it gives the impression of a stylish and expensive things any way, however, and is (at least, my dear).

As the description on the website Samsung: «E910 Serene solves the problem, almost forgotten in today's market mobile devices - provides a convenient and comfortable communication." Even the name Serene translated as "serene". And in order not to violate the "serenity" owner developers decided not to burden the apparatus functions redundant. And by and large they are right, because this phone can be imagined only in a purse some pretentious girl model looks. He only needed her to, after hearing the proposal of another annoying fan resolute refusal to answer him (though someone bought her the pipe, then still says "maybe"). Moreover, in the context of the drawn image of the phrase "provides a convenient and comfortable communication" takes on an entirely different meaning. However, distracted ...

Thanks to a special mechanism to open the phone easily. The shape of the keyboard is unusual, but eventually adjust. Of course, the speed record in a set of SMS-messages not put on it, but pretentious girl model looks unlikely to ever need it.

There is a class of goods, buying that do not pay for the functionality, but for show-off. It is designed for a range of consumers. A Samsung E910 Serene just another product of this class.


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