Joy of Motherhood

The probability of the birth of twins doubled as compared to the 80 years of the last century, that is, for 30 years.
In 17th century America, the average woman gave birth to 13 children for life.
The first samples of chemical contraceptives (birth control pills) were invented by three men.
When using a disposable diaper rash probability of more than with cotton. I would add that we should not overheat the baby, and everything will be OK.
Queen Victoria was one of the first women using chloroform as anesthesia during childbirth.
From American folklore: if women are put under the bed knife, it will be "spared the pain" of motherhood.
The overwhelming majority of the world's languages ​​the word for mother, begins with the sound "M».
The first samples of contraceptive pills, contained five times more estrogen than modern drugs.
At the English Queen Anne was born 18 children, of whom 13 were stillborn, and the most "tenacious" child lived to be 11 years.
The Vatican never born no child.


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