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The first woman - a qualified dentist in the United States - Lucy Hobbs Taylor, received the diploma in 1867.
The most popular color of toothpaste - blue.
In the 18th century, dentists used for dental fillings rubber.
Peter often as discharge engaged Dentistry - tore bad teeth. It is sometimes carried away, and under the hand could get practically healthy.
Until the early 20th century, most Americans do not brush their teeth.
The ancient Greeks believed that toothache - a consequence of lies uttered.
Patroness of dentists Apollonius was canonized for suffering because they do not renounced the Christian faith, for which she had been knocked out all his teeth and the woman burned.
According to polls, 40% of people moved out, while also changing the brand of toothpaste.
Advertising slogan of Chinese toothpaste SOD is the phrase "clean teeth with age!».
Representatives of the two professions should have fresh breath, according to others, it is the sellers and dentists.
Sugar was first added to the chewing gum in 1869 ... a dentist.
Annually to the doctors treated 2,500 people with complaints of injuries toothbrush.
In acupuncture (acupuncture) known points 388 on our body, of which 26 are used only to facilitate toothache.


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