Bega cuckoo Roadrunner only once in the history of said intelligible phrase, and it happened in one part of the series Bugs Bunny called «Operation: Rabbit».
To create a half-hour cartoon by traditional technology, you want to draw more than 18,000 drawings.
Before you draw a cartoon "The Lion King", a group of Disney animators had some time in Africa, studying the movement of wild animals.
The first cartoons appeared in 1910 - it was a dinosaur named Gertie. (Gertie the Trained Dinosaur).
The creator of the animated character named Spanchbob Square pants in college studying biology of marine animals.
The famous Disney Goofy was introduced in 1932.
The only Disney character, not uttering a word in the movie - Dumbo (Dumbo).
Donald Duck appeared on screen in 1934 in the movie «The Wise Little Hen».
Give the name of the cartoon little mouse Mickey Walt Disney advised wife. Disney himself wanted to call him Mortimer.
Full name of the hero Simpsons Krusty the Clown - Herschel Pinkus Yoraham Krastovski.
According to the official "biography," Popeye the Sailor has a height 167 cm, weight 70 kilograms and Age 34 years.
Bunny Bugs Bunny was given the name of one of the multipliers Warner Browsers named Bugs Hardaway.
Actor, express Porky pig, really suffers from stuttering (this is Joe Doherty).
More than a third of fans SpanchBoba - adults.
The Japanese language has a word for extreme fans of anime - «otaku».


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