Bought a house, a wife - to boot!

Beijing Jin Tai Cheng company invented an unusual way to attract customers to your project of real estate Ecological Bay. The company offers to every man who bought a villa in this project, free meeting with their sales managers female, and in the case of their wedding - a gift in the amount of 60,000 yuan (9,000 dollars), writes

Since China's policy of "one family - one child", many families prefer to bring boys who subsequently become heirs. Therefore, for the Chinese men's question selection wife is more problematic than in other countries, and the idea of ​​Jin Tai Cheng is not without reason.

However, local realtors believe that the company does not act unselfishly: its representatives to enter into a contract with a marriage agency and work on commission. Girls thus have a chance to get a rich husband, and men do not have to "lose face", appealing directly to the agency.


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