Better and better

Symptoms and signs "pokraschennya" relentless and catch up with us at every step. For example, such an insignificant fact - this year in Ukraine are planning to close one hundred forty-three school. At present, these schools still taught three thousand one hundred seventy-five people.
It turns solid benefits for the state - a saving of forty-four million hryvnia - this time, the release of labor, which are so necessary village (almost all of these rural schools), as a result of this action and a half thousand teachers will not in the business (and many of them unlikely to find work on the profile) - that's two. Well, the students themselves, so as not to clog the head useless burden of knowledge can also easily join the ranks of the peasants or employees.
So that the benefits are obvious. Three in one.
To tell the truth it this good, for the past 20 years, it was too much. Digest complicated. As for the mentioned period of time the number of students in the country decreased by forty percent. (Only in the last three academic years - on seventy-seven thousand people). But there was a demand for highly dense people - do not want to give birth s all here. Well, "paperedniki" made its contribution - not create the proper conditions.
In general, everything is done correctly. A dozen years to optimize the education system - and hardly anyone will ask bad questions. At least in the villages. If they are at the time still remain.


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