Drawings of the mentally ill

Museum of Art mentally ill was opened in 1974 at the Department of Psychiatry and Addiction. Initially, the museum exhibits were black-and-white copies of drawings made by patients lechivshimisya for alcoholism (they were professional artists).

In 1995, the museum's exhibits have been upgraded. Now the museum is presented copies of drawings of patients made on a color copier.

Selection of drawings for the museum was made based on the following two criteria: first, these figures should reflect the different types of psychopathological experiences; Second, these designs must be sufficiently expressive i.e. stand, if possible, at a high formal level. Among the works of the mentally ill there will always be those who, based on their high level of formal and harmonious matching form with ideological content may well be considered a work of art.

Part of a very interesting drawings that meet these requirements, however not on display in our museum - on ethical and legal reasons: it is no consent of the authors.

Museum of Art mentally ill at the Department of Psychiatry and Addiction is mainly used for training purposes. Having decided on the broad publication of its exhibits, we expect that they will resonate in the hearts of readers, because the authors of these figures, people with mental health problems, not only worthy of sympathy and compassion, but to you and our respect to talent, which opened in them disease.

AS, 19 years old, schizophrenia. The disease started in the 13-14 years with changes in character became withdrawn, lost all contact with friends, family, stopped going to school, left home, spending time in churches, monasteries, libraries, where "doing philosophy", he wrote "philosophical Treaty ", which sets out his vision of the world. It was at this time began to paint in a very strange manner. According to the parents had never painted, and for them it was surprising that in his son opened the talent of the painter, although his drawings were strange, incomprehensible. At age 18, he was drafted into the army, began service in the city of Arkhangelsk. It is here that there was a manifestation of the disease: there were delusions, hallucinations, depression, made repeated attempts to commit suicide. Admitted to the Department was virtually inaccessible for the contact, but only in conversations with the doctor (Muratovoj ID) would open the world of his psychopathological experiences. Drew a lot: some drawings brought with him, others were painted in the hospital. The attending physician encouraged his desire to paint, provided the paper and paint. At discharge, he gave the doctor a collection of his drawings. In the future, this collection became the basis of the museum creativity mentally ill, and to this day is used for educational purposes.

Many of the diagrams AS present the image of a bird, which he called a "lemon." It is figurative and symbolic display of the inner world of the patient, what he lives, cut off from reality. (The latter, he is usually portrayed in the annoying red).

Vl.T., 35 years old, chronic alcoholism. In the psychiatric hospital did repeatedly in connection with repeated alcohol psychoses. His illness was aggravated by a dysfunctional family history - the sister of schizophrenia. All figures reflect psychopathological experiences made at the output of psychosis and in the light interval (outside binge). The author had unfinished art education, professionally mastered the technique of painting.

LT, schizophrenia. The disease occurs in paroxysms, structurally different. This was the phase of depression or manic-ecstatic states, accompanied by vivid visions of fantastic images, fairy, space, inoplatentnyh stories. Her drawings and commentaries were reproduced brother, a man who owns a professional painting (see. Gallery 3). Patient bright, emotionally told him that "present at the end of the world" when things exploded and collapsed, "in the smoke and din of the huge strings of human skulls flying" and "strung" on its head, "head settled horde of evil spirits, snakes and other things, they were engaged in a war ».

AB, 20 years old, schizophrenia. Survived only a few pictures of the author. They reflect those characteristic of the disease phenomena as "materialization" of thoughts, ill perceived as something real, skhizis (splitting of the psyche), "everything here randomly - the sense organs, the heart, time and space».

MN, 36 years old, paranoid schizophrenia. Education - three classes. Despite the initially low intellectual level, the patient developed a sophisticated delusional concept. The content of delusions was very peculiar: the patient felt that with some of the planet to the Earth entered a laboratory called "Pluto system." This laboratory is located on the alien ship, and its purpose - studying and enslave earthlings. She drew in the "automatic writing": put on a sheet and then point "hand itself drove on paper." It is often unable to explain the meaning of drawn, saying that the content of the picture is not it, that "he who leads his hand, and know the meaning».

NP, schizophrenia with delusions of invention. Believed that it is possible to invent machines that without fuel, only because of the chosen form and "gravity" will provide movement.

SN, 20 years old, paranoid schizophrenia. The disease is manifested during his military service. Perhaps in contrast to the brutal and harsh realities of the patient began to visit the thought of another, better world, of God.

As well as other Rabten psychiatric patients.


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