New Zealand is the most beautiful country for tourism.

New Zealand is recognized as the most beautiful country for tourism. And the most beautiful part of New Zealand, without a doubt, is the country of fjords, namely Milford Sound fjord with its majestic beauty, deep dark blue waters, shoots are more than a kilometer steep mountain slopes, thickly wooded, and the top covered with ice caps . UNESCO included the Milford Sound in the list of natural wonders of the world.

Milford Sound, as well as other fjords of the South Island (a total of about 30) was formed as a result of the last ice age 20,000 years ago. The glacier is almost completely melted 10,000 years ago, only in the high mountains of the South Island glaciers left, descendants of the great glaciation.

Going to the sea, the glacier machined into the rocks huge canyons, which formed deep indented bays, fjords on the sea front and narrow deep lakes in the mountains, some of which have their own, lake, fjords.

The average annual rainfall in Milford Sound is 6813 mm, making it one of the wettest inhabited place not only in New Zealand, but throughout mire.Mestnye people say about this place that 300 days a year there is rain, and in the remaining 60 dripping from the trees.

Waterfalls are broken into the fjord with trehsotmetrovoy height

From the fjords of Norway and Chile, which is also very beautiful, New Zealand compares favorably to the complete absence of traces of human activity. Shore them so steeply into the water, that they are not easy to find a place not only for the village, but also just for tourist tents


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