Prices for the development of the most famous logos (12 photos)

For the logo design world's leading companies to pay a certain amount.
And the most interesting, the cost of company logos are very different from each other.

Microsoft: $ 0

The development of a new logo in 2012, Microsoft has done in-house.

Google: $ 0

Over the years, Google's colorful logo has undergone many changes. The authorship of the first version belongs to company co-founder Sergey Brin and he was placed in a free graphics editor GIMP. And in the following versions of the designer worked Ruth Kedar, a friend of Brin and Page at Stanford University.

Coca-Cola: $ 0

The famous logo of Coca-Cola in 1886, the company's founder invented partner and bookkeeper, Frank Robinson. According to information posted on the official website, Robinson suggested the name Coca-Cola, considering that the two letters C on advertising will look spectacular. He volunteered to create a unique logo and long experimented with writing complex business name Spencerian script until we get what we got.

Twitter: $ 15


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