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Successfully capture a moment - this is what unites all these pictures from all over the planet.

Enjoy the only good photographs of animals and warm!

Cute dog. Photo by: Mick girl from Belarus

Life is a struggle!

This post was born after a long display pictures "nyashnye" animals. All their "nyashnost" is that the owners put on their dogs and cats clothes, put on a toy airplane and struggling to make the final picture attractive. But there are individual pictures of animals that delight its immediacy. This caught the moment on which the expression muzzles of animals really unusual and fun.

Very puzzled

And if I can find?

Om nom nom,!

Greetings, fellow mind!

No staged photo retouching and no search strained plot. No ordinary and sweetly mordashek animals what thousands. Any photos where the animal yawns and already looks so funny. There is also the photos where the animals themselves funny as the famous surly cat. It's all nice, but did not show a unique moment.


British cat people in Germany


What are you going next?

Kadeak Pierre, founder of films about animals, trains wolf to participate in the film. Location: Park Animal Wilmer, France.

Pierre Kadeak and wolf

Funny moment

It is necessary to catch a shot!

Amb, paces!

Funny this ...

Inflated kangaroos have greater success in females than frail relatives. This kangaroo is photographed in one of Australia's reserves, but the photos are not exclusive.

"Such posture males occupy a regular basis, so females are better seen biceps and they can choose the best male" - said Rod Wells, a specialist in marsupial from Flinders University.

Male kangaroos

Lucky view

Artfully squints

Fox licking glass

Frog grabbed a twig and is used as an umbrella

Renowned naturalist Rick Shirimeta did Amusing photos of female brown bears from Alaska, which is caught in a turbulent river hefty salmon and with a sense of accomplishment went to the side, while forgetting the pre-out of the water. Location: Canadian Reserve.

Bear and Salmon

Pug definitely happy with life!

What look, I'm embarrassed!

Little funny seal

Most seal

Caught in the frame at the Moscow swamp, these two happy jumper primarily attracted the attention of Irene Furashovoy his loud croaking and unique mating songs.

A couple of frogs

Come again!


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