"A tool for deception and murder"


One of the most original works of contemporary art, black cube Caleb Larsen, called "tool for deception and murder» (A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter) for sale. Or rather, this device is on the permanent tender. It is connected to the Internet and checks every 10 minutes, if the cube is not set for sale. Once the auction end one, "art object" once again exposes himself on eBay on behalf of the new owner. Under the terms of the sale, the box must be permanently connected to the Internet. A short break is permissible only on the transportation of "black cube" from one owner to another. Current price of the original device 6585 dollars. Of this amount, 15% will get Larsen. And as a "tool" will stay at the new owner - it is impossible to predict. The description of the lot is said that the period of possession is dependent on demand and can last from a "moment to a few years."


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